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How is this RNG even possible

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    How is this RNG even possible

    Hi dear Eternium players.
    I just had EXTREMELY weird luck: I dropped a lvl 77 Talisman of Power with a socket. Nothing too impressive in the first moment. Until I realized: I have dropped another Talisman of Power nearly a year ago with almost the exakt same attributes. Just compare them by your own:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	E2.JPG Views:	0 Size:	108.1 KB ID:	204757Click image for larger version  Name:	E3.JPG Views:	0 Size:	112.3 KB ID:	204758

    Both have the AR, Extra Gold, Experience with the EXAKT same values. Even the order of the boni is the same. Both dropped with a socket. The onliest difference is the deflect rating and the fire damage. How is this even possible? Is there a list of possible items and stats in each trial that can dropp? Or am I just extremely lucky?
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    The system seems to drop a lot of items that are virtual clones of each other. Here is my example:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	boot clones.JPG Views:	0 Size:	5.1 KB ID:	204764Click image for larger version  Name:	boots clone1.JPG Views:	0 Size:	35.9 KB ID:	204765Click image for larger version  Name:	boots clone2.JPG Views:	0 Size:	40.3 KB ID:	204766

    Ignore the socket. I socketed the first pair, so I could use them for my gold farmer. I didn't bother keeping the clone.

    p.s. - I'd keep the Fire Damage ToP.


      You guys are so lucky! All my level 77 gear drops are useless, non-unique and non-set items.


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        These item are useless too. Good for gold gear that it

      • Schmutzus
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        it is pure luck. You can increase your chance of dropping usefull lvl 77 items by increasing the TL level. The higher the TL lvl, the higher the chance of dropping lvl 77 Items and the higher the chance that the legendary items are set items or unique items. On Tl 150+ I do dropp nearly only set items and unique items. And I have even dropped in a higher trial (~140+, not sure anymore) 2x lvl 77 Items at once. IAt the end of the day it is pure luck and constant grinding. In my experience TL 125-130 work pretty well for farming. Best thing is to be able to grind the TL´s in a short time ~ 2-3 min per run and with easy clear (not to die too often) for more comfort and more endurance while grinding.

      Both of you fell into an RNG loop. I would guess you play on PC? There are more chances to get into a loop on PC. If you change to mobile, the loop will be broken.

      Looking a bit closer, I see the inner value for the Deflect Rating is about 270, whereas the inner value for the Fire damage is about 247. So it seems you hit the loop just on the next RNG use (for the Ability Rate). Which of the trinket you dropped first?
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        Leave it to good ol' LodWig to explain all sorts of in-game anomalies and phenomena!

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        So Ozymandius I guess you dropped both without a socket? Also, did you play on mobile between the two drops?

      • Ozymandius
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        Yes, both dropped without a socket. I usually run daily quests on mobile, but the second drop happened around the time of the last ANB event, and I played most of that event on PC.

      "Both of my boots dropped while playing PC, but there were multiple days between the two drops. When I checked to see if I wanted to keep the boots for my gold farmer I discovered that they were exactly the same as the ones I was already using." (Ozymandius)

      I could copy this 1 by 1. Exact same scenario here: I dropped the fire damage Talisman at first, but months ago. The deflect talisman dropped yesterday. Both on PC version. Both must have been from TL 130. But with different charakters. The fire damage Talisman was dropped by a warrior, the deflect by a BH. I do constantly switch between mobile version, steam version and PC version.
      I dropped many other items in between, even multiple lvl 77 items.
      Actually i wanted to salvage the new dropped Talisman of power, but i compared it just for fun with the one my gold farmer is wearing, when I realized that both where nearly clones of each other.