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    Arena Blues

    I've been playing in the Arena every day for weeks now, and I've gotten experienced enough at it that I usually win 9 out of 10 battles. My losses are often due to Marmalade memory allocation crash errors that force me to close the game mid-match (the most frustrating losses, especially when your opponent is 20 or 30 ranks below you and you lose a ton of points, which happens often to me since my characters are ranked so high), or when the FPS rate drops and makes it seem like my opponent suddenly disappeared, and then the AI just strikes me with impunity from off-screen.

    You don't really need amazing gear or high CLs. You just need to know how to beat the AI. As a result, getting to the top of the leaderboard isn't hard. Staying there is what is difficult. In order to keep all of my different classes near the top, I have to fight at least 30 minutes and sometimes up to an hour of revenge matches each day, which is extra time that I'm loath to spare, especially since there are currently no commensurate or even tangible rewards for it.

    For now, I plan to stop doing the revenge matches and just use the free tickets to get gems or gear.

    I've never really been comfortable with taking others down to get ahead, which is probably why I don't enjoy the Arena as much as I should. One thing that hurts my ranking is that I don't revenge-match those I consider friends if I know who their in-game avatars are. I'll fight them once just to see what their builds are like, as I did with Romme , Splendor and bojck , just to name a few, but if they come up again when I use another ticket, I choose the players or characters that I don't know.

    Arena has a very rat-race feel to it, where everyone seems out to get you. That's not a criticism of it, since that's going to be true of every game that has a similar competitive aspect. I just don't particularly enjoy that sort of thing. At least in the trials, your achievement is your achievement. If you finish TL 156 in 9 minutes, you don't suddenly wake up the next day to find that it's gone (unless the devs do an LB reset). In Arena, you can have 2600 points one moment, and then lose over 200 in the next because everyone and their mom took a swing at you in a bid to raise their ranking since you gain way more points by beating the top-ranked characters.

    Anyway, just more of my "the-words-tumbled-out-of-my-brain-and-I-had-to-type-them-up" ramblings.

    You all enjoy your weekend and have fun playing!

    I know what you mean, I was doing the revenges and using all tickets for a couple of weeks, then switched to offense only and stopped when I got enough cosmetics to buy a few cool items I wanted. It was fun learning how to win consistently against all builds, also learned some important details about crowd control, freezes, ranges of spells etc
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      Yeah, and I have a ton of glory and cosmetic points saved up that I don't even use...