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Why no Critical Rating attribute on items for 6 Fury / Belt of the Whirling Storm build?

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  • Ozymandius
    commented on 's reply
    +1 charge!!! If your AR is high enough, you can run almost continuous cycles of Charge-Leap-WW.

  • Kardinaal
    Also check the passive skill, I bet it uses the crit rating one? You get 500 cr from that, 400 from cp, another 100 from one of the drinks in the tavern. So without any gear you can still get 1000 cr (22% chance).

    And as Teebs pointed out that gets tripled part of the time cause of charge (46% chance).

    Did a test with 4k ar, 6hits per second attack and botws (basically boosting cool-down redux from everywhere), and in training center I (barely) managed 100% uptime of the charge crit boost. Probably not worth it, I know.

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  • Teebs
    Charge (10) gives you 2000 CR for 3 seconds
    6 Fury gives you two charges per cycle
    Belt of the Whirling Storm cuts the cooldown by 2 seconds

    SO ... even at 1500 AR, You are getting 2 Charges w/ 10 second cooldown (minus the 2 second) resulting in 8 seconds (so - ~once per 4 seconds - with 2000 CR for 3 seconds after each Charge) so you can keep you CR 2000+ 400 CP +158 L70 (~45%) JUST with Charge pretty continuously. Put CR on a couple pieces of jewelry and you are probably up to 3000/50%

    This is my guessitmate - this is my first time running Warrior in an ANB, so I really don't know too well - but ... just guessing

    You might see the CR get pumped up though for Pushing? But this seems to be the general config for XP (where they are using XG for the 4th Leg stat maybe ... kinda sorta it seems?)

    ... KTB

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  • Phương Nguyễn
    chắc là do đã có charge bù rồi

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  • Why no Critical Rating attribute on items for 6 Fury / Belt of the Whirling Storm build?

    As the subject says. I get with Belt of the Templar on 4 Warlord / 2 Fury builds you don't need crit rating but why not on the 6 fury build? Where is the crit rating coming from or why doesn't it matter?