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    PC x Mobile gaming

    Can anyone be kind enough to detail me why PC gaming offer big advantage compared to Mobile ?
    I don't understand why people want separate leaderboard from these two plataforms in AnB.

    Mouse and keyboard could offer such a big difference ?

    I tried play computer ( to get steam bonus awards) but came back to Mobile as soon as possible.

    There are subtle differences in controls that allow some skills to be used differently on pc, and some others are just easier to aim/use on pc, gestures are slightly slower. There is something with shatter and some mage skills that gives pc players an advantage, some jumps one can only make on pc…

    Another thing is the difference between a cheap smartphone and a cheap laptop or pc. Even a cheap pc will have decent processing power and ram. A cheap cell phone will have less processing power, which means doing less overall damage.

    afaik those are the main points for the split leader boards.

    For the rest, there are also issues with crafting on pc, it is highly recommended to craft via the mobile version to assure correct chances for max level crafts.
    mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast - Heavily suffering from butter fingers

    SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


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      Hence why some players craft on mobile but push trials on PC.

    Thanks for clarifying.
    also is there something about selecting the trials ? PC version have any advantage?


      You've also got the huge FPS difference between a PC and mobile. PC can hit 200+ FPS.


        -Higher fps tends to process more damage for some skills/abilities.
        -pressing a key is much quicker than drawing a symbol
        -the big one for mage is that you are allowed to vortex during beam which will give you more damage and more survivability. Where if you tried to vortex during beam with mobile your beam would be canceled.


          For a BH, I can switch more quickly between moving and targeting mobs than I can using the screen taps [and my targeting is more accurate with a larger screen and a mouse pinpoint]. I play both platforms, but I tend to score higher on the PC than on a tablet or iPhone. It is probably more of a preference thing, since my FPS on PC max is only around 60. I do have days when my internet connection is poor and my FPS drops to around 30 or less, and things feel really glitchy (e.g., jerky screen movements). On those days, I switch over to tablet or phone.

          I know that there are highly skilled mobile players who consistently place near the top of the leaderboards, so the competition on the mobile leaderboards won't be as easy as some players are hoping.