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I'm getting frustrated with my 77 crafts xD

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    I'm getting frustrated with my 77 crafts xD

    I'm about to kill my chars
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    It's pretty much a crap shoot with BoMs.

    That's why I don't try for 77 BoMs anymore. I'm satisfied if I get the correct bonus.

    And based on my experiences, I think that the RNG is skewed so that the most desirable bonuses are the hardest to get, but I could be wrong.

    LodWig probably made a table or chart of the odds.


      the most frustating part is that I was not aiming for BoMs and I try to follow the bag theory.

      the first one I got while trying armor level 77 (fury/warlord set), and every now and then I change the armor for other thing to save essences and craft something that requires less mats (when I know there is huge chance to come level 72/73).
      The second one was my third craft in the new char today, I could not believe I was about to get a level 77 so soon.


      • Kristoff
        Kristoff commented
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        There is no bag...

        At least that's how I look at crafting. It's + / - 64 crafts, and not exact.

      • eliel77
        eliel77 commented
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        Its just easier to call it bag, they are similar theories, I know its the Gambler's Fallacy Enforcement Mechanism" (GFEM).
        but the 64 crafts always work to me, I know I will have 1 item 77 and 2 itens 76 in my "bag" in the first 64 crafts with every new char.
        the more itens 72 and 73 I have crafted recently more is the chance to get 75/76/77.

      • Bali_Lenni
        Bali_Lenni commented
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        Completely unobjective and simply based on personal records: the early [and sometimes late] 77s seem [bold print] to be happening more frequently starting about 5 or 6 ANBs ago and in my case they were extremely stable [within 10 crafts of craft#32] before - coincidence ? more irregular in time as your main hero progresses ? new algorithm ? ......maybe Mitzu knows the answer

        In ANBs I now always craft weapon or other desired 77 very early first few crafts in case an ealy pops up and after first bag, crafting is even more irregular [can get quite expensive back home].. ....bad crafts/bags and silly BoMs probably happen to all of us can be frustrating ....deep breath & humungous sigh works for me

      I got a 77 bom with 173 cleave, but I’m not happy. I will get a 199 or so cleave in next anb, and I don’t care about the level.