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"Traps" in the new World/Act 2 (mobile, Mage); bug or intentional?

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    "Traps" in the new World/Act 2 (mobile, Mage); bug or intentional?


    in the new World 2 there are quite a number of spots that appear like traps to me.

    If you.are as fumblefingered as I am, and overshoot your goal, suddenly your Mage can't get back.
    One example from the Rain of Fire: my mage can run past the very first Treasure Chest to the right of the path, then has no obvious way back.
    Click image for larger version

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    In ANB (on my way to Darkhold Citadel) I simply ended the level, then tried it on my main account, and it took me nearly a minute to find out that there IS a way back, totally different than the way up.

    I have found - or rather stumbled upon - at least a dozen similar spots.

    Does anyone know if this is intentional, or just sloppy programming?

    Happens to me on my warrior all the time. Luckily leap helps me out every time.


      It's a bug, previously reported by Travis either here or on Discord.
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