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    Underworld Fun

    I used to hate gem-farming the sprawling Underworld level, but I recently found a way to make it entertaining again.

    Instead of killing one or two of the mini-bosses to weaken her, I go straight to Kara and get her to chase me throughout the level, using the terrain to my advantage to block her attacks while I strike her with mine.

    It sort of feels like being in one of those B-movie horror films where you're being stalked by a slow-moving but relentless monster.

    Anyway, it's been such great fun that I five-starred all my Kara levels!
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    I kinda love this.

    I have seen the fights where people just go straight for Kara - but I kind of like the idea of having her chasing me back through the level. I'll definitely be trying this.

    The game does require some strategy to keep your interest in it after awhile.

    I started playing around with an ANB Mage character who had only completed Act 1, stripping them down to just a couple of grey items, stripping them of Defense and Offense CL and Abilities. and only giving them back their skills when I figure they should obtain them. A kind of modified "Living Off The Land" where I only get to use what is dropped in story or quest reward.

    I know there is the occasional LOTL ANB challenge - but I would find that frustrating whereas I actually have had fun with this one. Kind of like reliving the initial fun of first playing. Planning on trying it with BH and Warrior classes. I am playing a BH this silver and only completed Act 1 just so that I could do this with that one.

    ... ktb


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      Yeah, you have to get creative if you want to sustain your enjoyment after a while. Kind of like the "Smurf Challenge" but less frustrating.

      It's definitely more fun using mage and BH for this, since most of warrior's best attacks require close contact.

      Teebs Another fun romp if you want to deliberately handicap your character is the Wall. The first time I played that, I trounced everything until I got to the five giant lizards, and then it was, "Holy crap! What the hell are those!? Why are my attacks doing so little damage?" They chased me all the way back to the start of the level while I picked them off one-by-one as I retreated. I still remember that adrenaline-pumping run after all these years.
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