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    Missing DoT

    I've been experimenting in the training ground with my warrior using various setups.

    Something I just noticed with Deadly Throw is that the damage over time part only triggers when I'm dual wielding weapons and not when I have a sword/shield combination (tried different shields out of interest but none that I tried produce the DoT). Reading the description I don't believe this is the intended behaviour?

    Although, rereading the description maybe it is intended. It does say "Weapons" cause the target to bleed, I guess I included a thrown shield as a weapon...


      It's still confusing, isn't it?

      The base stats for a shield are Armor and Block Rating, and for Weapons, it's Min/Max Damage. Then, again, some sets will give certain shields a bonus damage. And then there's Rylocke's Deflector, which has its own "base" bonus damage stat!

      That said, your strict interpretation of the difference between a weapon and shield, in this case for DoT, is the deciding factor here. Gratz for figuring it out on your own! There's a lot of that that goes on around here.

      Another thing you may find in your travels is that not all the gear descriptions reflect reality (*surprise gasp*). Most of these have been identified (but not conveniently listed in one place -- you have to painstakingly search) after rigorous testing by the several veteran gurus on this site and on Discord.
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        Sorry if im out of topic (non- training ground)

        Referring strictly to a whirlwind shield warrior
        As far as I can remember DT is to me how should I say: fragile?
        tried it at trial 150-154:

        With haste capped at "4" (some sort of shield warrior rule of law"). Even with all three related to DT attached "Girdle of heroism plus DT BOM and DT skill" - (replacing BR): a whirlwind shield warrior is so weak with whatever DT combination.

        It is as simple as that

        Maybe DT good for DW?. I absolutely have no idea.

        Thank you
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