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Question about future Updates

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    Question about future Updates

    Could you be that nice to tell us if Devs are working on something. Should be expected anything in the next 2-3 months. Are you waiting to see if after DI this game will survive? Just give us a small hint.

    Sorry, Hegemony, I don't agree with this. On-line gaming is an extremely competitive business, and any announcement of plans related to a company's program development--to not only the world, but to all the nasty competiton--should remain secret. It just doesn't make sense otherwise, possibly destroying a business's niche or position in the marketplace, giving out a strategic nugget like this.
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    • Hegemony
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      Well I think I'm not wrong for asking. Development of this game doesn't do anything about updating or communication with the players. We've tried so many times and they never responded. Only Travis was trying to do something but he isn't developer. As a veteran player with good amount of contribution to the community I really want to know if I should spend real life time on something that could die soon. My apologies but if you have such a diamond like Eternium you must communicate with the community.

    Dev should post a list of possible things they can do, and ask us players to vote for the new features, and then work on features players like the most..

    I’ve seen for many games, the devs work so hard to make the game so worse, some even make a horrible new version that is completely different from the previous version. For example, Dungeon Hunter 4 (DH4) is the best mobile game IMO, but the company spent tons of resources to make a completely different version DH5, which is the worst game. We would like to call on devs: please don’t waste your time on features nobody likes or everyone hates unless that can really makes more money for you - I don’t think that’s likely though.

    For example, I would rather see a new class than a new Act… story mode is good at the beginning but most of the time, the fun comes from ANB and Trials. A new class or a new monster is much more fun to me.

    There is no new knowledge, new skill and new thrill for a new Act… it’s not challenging at all to a good Trials tested hero. You can create 20 Acts, but all my warrior needs to do is just tornado through it. You just add more boring processes. I don’t need skill and have no fun in story mode so why bother creating more story Acts?


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      +1 on a new hero class. However, I imagine that would represent a ton of development resources...

    You will have answers soon (no "tm").


    • Teebs
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      "To be fair ..."®

      This reply / comment would carry more 'weight' if you had included ANY clarifying detail - literally anything.

      This 'gem' ( ) : "... we had to plan a War Supplies (starting Friday) to coincide with a Microsoft promotion."

      Personally I don't ascribe ANY antipathy towards you Travis. In general, I think you provide exemplary "Support".

      However, in the concomitant role of 'spokesperson' (which I am not going to assess as fair to lump the two 'duties' together or not - that is kind of up to you to make the case one way or another!) - there IS a significant gap between translating communication from the Devs to the player base. I certainly don't ascribe that solely on you.

      It may just be the Devs believe that announcing something which doesn't get fulfilled (eg - LB split) leads to more antipathy (and therefor player support) than no announcement/communication. I don't believe that is necessarily true. BUT - even if it IS the perspective of the Devs - then THAT alone would serve as some sort of rationalization [eg: "The reason that communication is sporadic is that the Devs would rather deliver firm plans than disappointment") - personally I think that would be ineffective avoidance, but at least it would be something.

      ... ktb

    Originally posted by Travis | Support Mgr. View Post
    You will have answers soon (no "tm").
    Sounds a bit ominous...


    • WarriorSeven
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      Indeed, without the ®, the gloves are off, right?

      It's like: "Go ahead, you keep hangin' around here, pal, and you'll find out what's comin' to ya!"

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