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    Help reaching 120

    Hey everyone I can’t seem to get past 105 on any of my hunters. Is there a best build setup that I can look at? I’m like cl 1700 and one of my hunters has over 1mil damage but he’s so frail he instantly dies on any pack of mobs lol. Thanks for any help!

    This topic in the Bounty Hunter Sub-Forum should help.
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      My first guess is that you are trying to run before you can walk … most of us have done the same thing, I know I was the same …. It sounds like your gear is unbalanced ..

      make sure you have lots of crafting materials, build your crafting levels up to max as soon as you can and then craft what YOU want rather than what you’ve picked up from drops .. also don’t forget you can enchant your gear ..

      also you haven’t said what gear you are using … are you doing Havoc?demolitionist?Assault?stalker? Or a mixture ?

      There’s a heap of advice already on this forum

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        If you screenshot your build, we can give you more detailed advice, but I agree with Hairball that you are probably not getting enough of the set bonuses. Either that, or you need to upgrade your weapons. Even a mid level set of Igniters pistols should get you past TL105. Anytime that you are being one-shot by mobs, it means that your Toughness and/or Recovery is too low. It is fairly common for a new player to go "all in" on damage stats to the point that they can never finish a higher level trial. Sadly, if you copy the build of the top players, who have mad dodging skills, you probably won't survive. You will probably need to increase your toughness until you can get you skills to that higher level of play.


          Last night, I tried to pass TL100. I felt that the damage was enough for 5 million panel damage, 6 attacks per second, 100,000 recovery and 3 million toughness. I still felt that I was prone to sudden death. . .


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            Welcome to the world of BH! If you aren't moving, you are dead. If it makes you feel any better, all new BHs go through this until they work out how to avoid mob counterattacks. I started playing shield Warrior where you just stand there and laugh at enemy attacks, so my transition was particularly rough.

            You might want to check out some BH videos on YouTube or read the sticky post on the BH message board on Discord. If you post a screen shot of your build, someone may be able to help pinpoint where you are losing out on bonus damage.

          Here is the latest update on playing BH, which outlines which gear and abilities to use.


            Thanks everyone! I read the first thread listed and tried it during the event. I can see that 4x havoc and 2x demo is better than my 4x demo and 2x havoc. I also have over 100 Custom Rare Jewelry boxes saved up from events. Tons of crafting materials gold and gems.

            I do think I will have to pump vitality and armor because I’m not particularly good at dodging manually and on iPad every time I make a few movements my toon stops attacking. I have toggled that option so much to no avail.

            I actually love my shield warrior too but damage output was so small compared to bh I now have 3 Bh’s lol


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              You can probably craft several perfect sets of rings and necklaces to try out with different stats. It always amazed me how much influence a perfect ring or necklace can add to a toon's abilities.

            Is there a guide for that too? =)


              Of course! There is a guide for everything...