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Windows v1.5.90 Finally Dropped - A Warning

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    Windows v1.5.90 Finally Dropped - A Warning

    So, they finally dropped v1.5.90 for Windows today apparently.

    I can not play Silver #17 because v1.5.90 installed unbeknownst to me and it will not let me create a new ANB hero because I already have existing ANB heroes from other ANBs.

    Be warned to clear out any old ANB heroes before loading up v1.5.90.

    Created my ANB toon on Steam (no old ANB stragglers). I hardly ever play the Windows instance on PC anymore, and I'm a bit surprised to see this update.

    Nevertheless, I tried V1.5.90, and it appears stable for the 5 minutes I ran it in Story with both my ANB and main toons. And the transitions back to both Steam and mobile occurred without a glitch (ala Windows 10 & Android mobile).

    So, that's one guy's observation. But if there are those of you that do have issues, however, feel free report it in the Tech Support Sub Forum for Travis to follow up.
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    • Tin Man
      Tin Man commented
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      Is not a tech support issue as it is not a bug. They announcement back when v1.5.89 dropped that it made the change that you would not be able to run new ANBs when you still have heroes open from old ANBs. The .89 version dropped for non-Windows and non-Steam but not for Windows and Steam. Well, v1.5.90 brings this new restriction to Windows. The same limitation is coming as soon as the new Steam version drops.

    • WarriorSeven
      WarriorSeven commented
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      Tin Man, you completely missed the point of my post. It was just a report that the new instance seems to be working okay for me in my environment.