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There is something seriously wrong with p̶y̶t̶h̶i̶a̶ me

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    There is something seriously wrong with p̶y̶t̶h̶i̶a̶ me

    Multiple times now this season at least 2 times and this is the 3rd time already pythia keeps telling me that there's something unexpected in my crafts. I save and bookmark the sequence and I make sure I type the next number correctly slowly and click the ask button with my mouse, so there s no error of me adding in any number where it shouldn't.

    The first couple of times it goofed my crafts and just now it goofed up a craft for my 77, the first time it goofed my craft for a 76 so I guess with like 4h left (bc i don't have enough time to farm) it'll be hard to get another round of crafts so that i can get a 76 or 77 again. What in tarnation is wrong with this thing this season. It's not like it hasn't happened the previous AnB I used it but I was well into a ton of crafts and the sequence now currently looks like this for the last AnB I used it and this unexpected nonsense happened at like 70 crafts or something well after I got the 76 and 77 I wanted.

    The thing I'm most unhappy about is not really the fact that I made a CoQ with a bunch of water essences but that the exact suggested sequence is number for number exactly the same as the one I already have. Why does it have the suggested one exactly the same as the one I put in and no I don't play on pc at all.

    This right here is what I got for now
    It's Orted and right now my rank is 152, had to clear next trial to get this silly thing to check the leaderboards.

    For a basic comparison simply copy paste the inputted sequence into a notepad doc and similar for the suggested.
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    First of all, here is what's clearly stated on the front page of the Pythia:
    Second, as is usually the case, there is nothing wrong here with Pythia. You entered a wrong sequence. Your first GFEM craft was the Fire Lily (73) and the second was the Fury Pants (72).

    Wrong: 232254323224263232423225231242327
    Right: 322254323224263232423225231242327

    Then Pythia tried to help you and failed. Please consider that for a time, Pythia didn't even try to detect or correct a wrong sequence. Be glad this possibility exists, as imperfect as it is.

    Ultimately, anyway, the failure is yours in this case.

    As to Pythia "goofing your crafts", remember it is a tool to help you take crafting decision. You are the one making this decision. And if you feed the tool with wrong input, he won't be able to help you correctly.

    Here is what Pythia says with the correct order:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Orted.png
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ID:	215230

    I was able to reconstruct the order of your crafts using the leaderboard data. Here is the list:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Orted-2.png
Views:	170
Size:	5.8 KB
ID:	215231
    Mobile Only (iPhone 5 / iPad Air 1st gen / iPad Pro 11" 2nd gen)
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    • Finn Weronika
      Finn Weronika commented
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      d a n g i t
      I should probably just keep the original list then since it would be very helpful.

      My decision making issues clearly.

      Good to know a bit more about the tool and how it works when I do certain things with it. Thanks for the help!

    Having goofed crafts using Phytia as well - they have always turnd out to be my own fault, mostly forgetting to put in a craft or a sequence switch quietly sneaking in... I used to always make a digital record of crafts for future refernce and to reconstruct correct sequences if anything goes wrong during anb.
    For me the way it works best now is not to note the crafts digitally during AnB anymore but do it once crafting is finished. During AnB I have gone back to the good olde pen and paper (having crafted a wonderfully useless 77 waterBoM previous bronze } miracles ! .... alongside sticking to exactly the same sequence of noting each crafts and keep all crafts in hero inventory until a usable pops up, then cross check everything before selling all unwanted crafts and start fresh.....
    Guess its about self disciplining oneself to minimize mistakes...

    Another thing: it seems that often there is a tendency to get an "early" block of 74/75/76....that means during the first 15 crafts or so , it may be worth it to "play it safe' and even waste some essences by going for good crafts for 76/75 , even though the probability is only in second highest position (at around 20% or more } !..... quite often it pays off . After craft 20 or so, I find you can almost trust phytia blindfolded, but often I will still craft cautiously in some situations just to make sure to get the 76 and 77s wanted.

    Having the cursor positioned automatically blink at the end of a long sequence without having to scroll or trying to tap just the right spot on mobile would be nice....

    Such an amazing tool and a pleasure to use..
    Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


    • Bali_Lenni
      Bali_Lenni commented
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      haha...yeps good old analog pen and paper.... 'tis just like you said : the toggling, forgetting to click the ask button etc.etc. just improves chances of making that one tiny mistake

      same for early crafts, espsecially the 1st 76 often pops up early/not yet predicted often it seems wiser to waste a few essences than take the chance of a wasted 76....and most of the time, at the dire end of pushcrafting I seem to be running out of gold rather than essences, so they are not greatly missed at that stage...

      Happy ANBing and Phytiaoracling !

    • UmbraDei
      UmbraDei commented
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      Glad you enjoy the tool!

      Anyway, you can actually click the level markings with the odds: they are buttons too that automatically add that level at the end of the sequence.

    • Bali_Lenni
      Bali_Lenni commented
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      Thanks for the pointer. Just tried it and yes... they are buttons !! ...that will make ANB life so much easier