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Greater Currency Booster not boosting

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    Greater Currency Booster not boosting

    Yesterday and today, I've run Legendary Darkhold Citadel with the GCB. In the past, as recently as 4 days ago, after one 30-minute run (25 passes or so), I would usually have between 65 - 85 of each rough gem, 35 - 50 of each common gem and about 4.5 million gold on my character (Maddy, lvl 70/1174 cp). My gold gear with GCB accurately shows a 3237% extra gold boost, which has been consistent for weeks. These last 2 runs, however, have netted substantially reduced results: 25 - 40 ea rough gems, 15 - 25 ea common gems and about 3 million gold. Is anyone else noticing this happening to them?

    There is a huge bit of crucial information that you do not give but is inferred in your comments.

    You indicated that your pull "has been consistent for weeks." This implies that you are talking about farming Legendary 4-43 for outside of ANB. You are comparing times outside of ANB from a couple weeks ago to the last two runs also outside of ANB?

    Only getting 25 runs of 4-43 per booster is a real waste. For maximum gold farming? You are looking at sub-20s runs of 4-43 but that means few gemstones but maximum gold. Gemstone farming is best not done in story levels. Far better off doing a booster or gold farming and a booster of gemstones farming.

    Your drop in gold and gemstones per booster looks suspiciously like you are comparing ANB farming to non-ANB farming but you say that you are comparing to 30m run as recently as 4 days ago.

    Are all these numbers given outside of ANB and outside of War Supplies? War Supplies also has a boost to farming but there was not a War Supplies four days ago. Your 4 days ago comment is the one that is causing confusion to me regarding what you are comparing.

    So that you know, no real benefit running Legendary 4-43 over Normal 4-43.


      Excellent point Tin Man. I apologise for being vague. I had no idea my observation had so many caveats.I am honestly not sure how to answer you other than to say I am not comparing ANB runs to those outside of ANB. At least, I do not think I am. I am relatively new to the game and unsure if the ANB event is game-wide or only applies to the event itself. So yes, I think I am comparing my last two runs outside of ANB (if I understand correctly) to non-ANB runs from a week ago using the same character and booster type. Maddy is my std lvl 70, non-ANB character. I have been running legendary 4-43 with her (legendary because it does not make a difference, just easier not to switch back and forth). The rest of your comments and criticisms seem to be centred around my farming choices and abilities. Fine. I am learning. All I was trying to say was that I noticed a substantial reduction in gold and gems while running 4-43 legendary today and yesterday compared to last week farming the same zone, with the same character using the same booster. If an ANB makes a difference in non-ANB farming results, I did not notice that before.


        There was a War Supplies event running from 29 March to 5 April. War Supplies has a boosted gold and gemstone drop rate.

        Your "last week" could easily mean that the prior runs were during War Supplies and now you are farming without the War Supplies bonus.


          Thank you. Yes, most likely the case. I forgot how the "War Supplies" worked. Now I understand, and it makes sense.


          • Tin Man
            Tin Man commented
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            Good catch noticing the change.

            Consider updating your farming strategy for better overall results.

            My comments were not meant as criticism but just to make sure you understood what you are getting compared to what is possible. As long as you are happy with your results than there is no reason to modify anything.

          • LiamRedbeard
            LiamRedbeard commented
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            When I have boosters: I use the Currency Boosters when gold farming legacy 4-43, 4-47 or occasionally 4-54; I use the Experience Boosters when running the trials. My main character, Maddy, easily runs through gold farming locations with her "extra gold" gear. I've read several posts here and on Reddit, and I see where I can improve my time spent, shaving a few seconds off here and there on each pass, but I'm not sure what else I can do to achieve "better over results". As far as gemstones go, if I understand correctly, they only drop from mobs, not chests, and since I am still trying to obtain the best jewellery possible, I am still farming gemstones (usually without a booster). I found elite mobs and bosses have the greatest chance of dropping gemstones, so I thought to run trial levels 40 and up for those. But it is really only the final trial boss that drops any appreciable amounts of gems. In my own meagre tests, I have found running legacy 4-40 or 1-16 is faster and nets a decent amount of gemstones. I am still working on gemstone locations.

          War Supplies bonus is only 15%. Its disappearance can’t explain a 33% drop in gold yield. 4.5M with it means 3.9M without.

          Do you have more detailed data on the gemstones drops?
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            Normally, I'd be swimming in rough and common gems with a solid gold stash, but lately, it's more like a trickle than a flood. My gear's rocking a 3237% gold boost, and it's been consistent, just like yours. But for some reason, the loot's taken a hit. 25-40 rough gems, 15-25 common ones, and about 3 million gold – not exactly the jackpot I'm used to. Anyone else sensing a change in the currency boost mojo? Maybe there's a hiccup in the system or something? Would love to hear your thoughts and if you've got any tips to restore the usual loot glory. And hey, speaking of boosts, have you guys checked out this new promotion in the game ranking Has some cool stuff going on – might be worth a look.
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