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Short Story: How Magroth Saved His Apples

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  • Short Story: How Magroth Saved His Apples

    From Surfer 's "Question about Magroth"
    Originally posted by Nightlyric View Post
    When Magroth lifts his arm... Armpit Stink Damage is dealt! Unavoidable! ... wear Nose pegs!
    A Short scene played out in my head while making a reply to a post... so thought I might share the smiles as my 2nd ever forum posting! (>^w^)'>~~~
    ~cheers NL

    In a hidden Evil Lair Under An Active Volcano....

    Ragadam: "... No! For the last time Magroth, I will not station my death machines just to defend
    your worthless apple stores...
    That is a dumb-ass idea! "

    Magroth: *entreatingly* "... but Sire!... My Apples! All the farmers do all day is hide in barrels!
    Those cunning barrel people simply walk up and rob me blind! My dead guards are useless!"

    Click image for larger version  Name:	sneaking snakes.jpg Views:	1 Size:	9.1 KB ID:	65831 ~sneak snake!

    Ragadam: *turns away from Magroth* Not my problem. That is my final decision.
    I worked hard making my death machines.
    You'r on your own!

    Magroth: ...... *lost for words*
    Magroth: .... "Don't make me use my last resort... You know I will use ' IT' !"

    Ragadam: "What do you mea..." *tilts head slightly glancing back*

    Magroth: *Slightly raises forearms pointing up*

    *fully faces Magroth*
    I just had fresh Levanian Lavenders Vases placed in my office! "
    *Wags finger menacingly*

    Ragadam: "ARMS STAY DOWN MAGROTH! I will show you how to posses the farm machines for yourself..."

    *Magroth struts off Arms stiff at his sides but grinning gleefully thinking of apple pies... and starving barrel people...*
    Click image for larger version

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    This explains why juggernauts (helms) are superior than defenders
    For Gold And Glory