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Times Needed to Unlock & Skip Trials

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    Originally posted by spartanhooah View Post
    I have a couple questions:

    1) I have completed trial #85 in under 10 minutes but still haven't unlocked the next one. What could be going wrong?
    You have to have a good connection for a trial clear to register. If you lose connection in between, the clear time may not register. I though that was for ANB only but it seems it's happening for normal trial clears too.

    2) What does ANB stand for?
    Adding what RockDoc said, ANB's are the only place where you could get Celestial Boxes (CBox). A Cbox has 5 stats i.e. 1 additional stat (Vitality 90, fixed) than Legendary. You can create any set or unique item from CBox with 4 stats of your choice excluding vitality (as 90 vitality is already fixed in CBox) and all the stats are rolled near perfect values. Also note that celestial item created this way is hero bound. Only the hero that is used to create the item can use it. If you create wrong item or delete the hero sometime in future, the item is a piece of junk that not easy to get rid off

    Also there is a great boost to XP, Gold & Gemstons drops in ANB so it's good time to gain XP & Gemstones. Gold won't matter outside of ANB (eventually) so not taking that into account.