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    Originally posted by NachoJoe View Post
    Just finished the event and kept a record of my runs.

    Here's what I found:

    (I convert commons into 3 roughcut to find my number)

    TBD Average 1,047 roughcut gemstones per 30mins
    SoA Average 930
    TL25 Average 926.5

    Here are the actual totals:
    TBD 5 Runs average 69.8 seconds, 80rc, 41c (121 total gemstones)

    SoA 5 runs/29.8sec/35rc, 14c (49)

    TL25 10 runs/57.7sec/138rc, 53c (191)

    I didn't mind running TL25, it was surprisingly more interesting as the map changes. I might do this more instead of running TBD, but, for me, TBD is the most efficient.

    I don't think that's how you compare it.

    Basically, TBD is for the not so boring farming.
    SoA is to get the most runs per 30 minutes so it has the most repetitive pattern for all. If it's that boring, then imagine everyone doing the The Severed Mountain before, it works the same.
    TLs? I don't really know. You basically get trash items with such a low TL so TBD is still the best choice and if your sanity allows you, SoA.
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