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    Various posts in this topic were related to XP gains in trials. I have made a spreadsheet for XP computations, available in my Dropbox (link in my signature).
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      I am fairly new to the game, and the current ANB is my 2nd event where I have all recipes purchased and crafting maxed.

      I have been referencing various guides, and the info in the forums has been pretty helpful, but I have a couple of big picture questions that will likely save me a bunch of time.

      I just completed Trials Level 90, and I have a fully crafted Legendary set of Stalker Armor for my Bounty Hunter, and I am using Legendary Malice and Ill Will. Rings and Necklaces aren't perfect but they are pretty solid.

      I used found/crafted non-set/unique items to level up, putting both Gold and EXP boosts on everything. I did a 30 min gold harvest with boosts on, and saved up 3mm gold. Then I transitioned to set weapons, then Stalker Set armor, dropping gold boosts and leaving EXP on all. Other priorities centered around CR, CD, AR, Haste, Vitality, Power (basically everything except Deflect, Dodge and Armor). I loosely followed things I read, and I used Damage, Toughness, Recovery, and the leaderboards as a bit of a guide for what should be prioritized.

      Now comes the part where I need help. The top guys on the leaderboard have Damage and Toughness that absolutely crush my character. I am in the 3-500k range, and leaderboard characters are 1-2mm+ for those attributes. I know I could bump those stats up if I abandon my EXP boosts and start beefing up Damage and Toughness stats, but when should I make that transition?

      I could farm levels with the EXP gear and bump up CL, or I can modify/craft gear without XP and push for higher levels in Trials. Are there any rough guidelines for when I make that change?

      Also, if there is any place that gives a rule of thumb for when to stop boosting various attributes that would be helpful. I understand the diminishing returns aspect of booting stats, and I suspect that I am overdoing some attributes at the expense of others.

      I would have included SS of my character and my stats, but thia is my first post and I think that feature is blocked. But hopefully I can follow up with that info or whatever else people need to see to guide me on the path to glory!

      Thanks in advance, and any help is appreciated.


      • Travesty
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        The top guys on the leaderboard have Damage and Toughness that absolutely crush my character.
        That's probably due to them having many, many more CLs than you.

        2k CLs is the difference between 200k damage and 3m+. As far as toughness, that's probably due to them having celestial (blue) items, which add 138 vitality to every non-jewelry piece, and also increases armor on armor pieces (which also increases 'toughness'). You can earn up to two celestials from each ANB event.

        For a rule of thumb I would say craft an experience set, with experience on every single piece and grind TL 80/90 until you reach 1800 CL or so. Your experience set and your 'push' set need to be completely different sets; one maximized for gaining CLs, and the other maximized for damage/toughness.

      Anyone getting a video of rush from 1-70 with gems spending or not just the faster way. I usually take one hour to rush, i feel to be quiet slow


      • Stusmith50
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        Romme has a video on Discord.

      hi..... New Guy here.
      just watched Romme's L161 with Elban. Glorious!
      Kept saying something that sounded like 'TOS Proc'
      could someone please clarify?


      • LodWig
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        ToS is the Talisman of Storms. It's a Unique Trinket you can ask the Blacksmith to craft, provided you have unlocked the recipe for it.

        When it is activated it gives +3000% Critical Damage. It can be activated about twice per minute, for a six second duration. In gamer parlance the activation is "a proc".
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      I'm 69 and this game is not for those who just had a stroke like myself in January. even though I 've been playing for over two years. my stress levels trying to kill elban have gone through the roof. Have fun folks.and a small fortune but whos's counting!


      • Ozymandius
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        Actually playing Eternium is probably a good way to recover from a stroke (unless you over do it); it practices your mental focus and eye hand coordination. Practice fighting against Elban at lower trials where his skills are not as strong. He seems really bad at first, until you realize that his attacks come in a predetermined sequence that doesn't change. Save your best attacks for when his blue defense bar is down. Once you get the sequence of his attacks down, you can move up to higher trials.

        Good Luck to you!

      I dont know why its called BROKEN DRAGON... maybe for the fact that sometimes hes unstoppable? He sure diesnt fught like something broken. he nails me everytime I leave him from the screen.


      • kurtcabage
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        The broken dragon is a "SHE"

      does it matter what it is?- its broken


        ja też miałem problem z Elbanem...ale w końcu dałem radę..sposobem