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    • I hope this will be helpful. I hope this will get added in the guide.
      Bosses (Weaknesses and Strengths – BY SirArthur “Perhaps my Greatest Work”)
      In the Eternium Universe, you’ll encounter bosses at the near end of a world or at the end of them or sometimes both. If you have trouble conquering them, read this section, it’s sure to help you.

      Here we are, now we are going towards how to kill Magroth. He’s a demon that loves caves and fires. But was in the control of Ragadam once he heard his call. You’ll find him first in the world Elderath at the Severed Mountain, but he’ll run away once you’ve taken away half of his health. At the next level, The Siege of Anderhelm, you’ll get to kill him. It is advised to clear the other common enemies in the level first as if they interrupt you in the battle, that will hinder you greatly. Magroth has a ‘Breaking Free’ ability which allows him to grow bigger and redder with deadlier attacks and lets him break free of Vortex abilities. He is also prone to Charge. He is also with an ability to ‘Skybreak’ and launch projectiles to you and your companions from the sky which could take away half your health, akin to the common enemy known as Skybreakers. To beat him, you’ll need to move around a lot and keep your distance if possible. You can attack him with mage from a long distance but do not stay there for long; it is adamant to keep moving. The Charge ability can render him stunned and you can attack. Make sure your attack levels are adequate as you wouldn’t want to spend time with him that long.

      The next boss is the main boss for Elderath is the Broken Dragon. The dragon was raised in terror and chains, clawing at her mind, breaking her spirit, and channels his power through her with his claw to Elderath. It is advised to attack him from either very far or either super close but not in between them. The Broken Dragon can fire flumes of flames in which you will be alerted by a text saying (‘Takes a deep breath’). IF you are close, you can just move to the tail of the dragon, which might leave you stunned, but you won’t lose health. Take note that he is immune to stun, vortex and the silence ability. If you, like the other boss, have enough attack and haste, you’ll get the dragon in no time.

      The next boss is still in Elderath, in level six but you can only unlock her level in level 20 with a dungeon key. Now heed this warning: DO NOT PAY A HUNDRED GEMS TO ENTER. If you are online, you will receive a 1/3 refill every 8 hours. The boss is Gorgona, a peaceful sorceress that was captured, her works of Lifecrafting stolen and her mind bent and lost by Elban’s soldiers. She now looks like a large mermaid. If you attack her, you might realise her immense health. This is not a problem because her attacks aren’t that deadly. Keep attacking from near until you reduce her health by a bit; by then five acolytes will be summoned to protect her with a shield and won’t be damaged until you kill all five acolytes. Repeat the steps and you shall beat Gorgana.

      The next boss, perhaps the deadliest, is Elban the Demiurge, a disciple of Ragadam. He is found in the end of Act III. With high damage, high health, high haste, high movement and a lot of tricks up his sleeve, he is one heck of the versatile boss. I do not state this to scare you, but to warn you of this boss’s unlocked potential. His attacks with his two swords will reduce your health by a lot if you are below his level, but he has a deadlier trick after a while; he will use his trick that’s sure to kill you in one shot: The Devastating Attacking. He will float up in the air and there will be a large red circle (that’s where he’s going to attack. If you find yourself in that circle and you aren’t rushing outside it, you are dead for sure. He will then strike that spot with 10000% his damage and you’ll die if you are inside it, but it’s likely you’ll escape before he does that. He’ll hit you with his Assassinate, a red arrow will point at you, and it will be futile to move away as the arrow will automatically point to you continuously if you keep moving and rush towards you and keep bombarding you with his attacks. Now at this point, he’ll likely be using his Life-Steal ability, where a red link will bind you to Elban and suck out your life to restore Elban’s. You can try run away, if you manage to cover enough distance to break the link and render his ability useless. This is why it is recommended to have armour with the attribute ‘Movement Speed’. Also to add to this text, even though there’s a weapon called Elban’s Sceptre, he doesn’t use that weapon and uses two large swords instead. If faced with Kara, the Tempest Queen, and the other bosses, Elban would win if all bosses including Elban was on level 70.

      Now comes a boss even I, SirArthur, have difficulty killing. It is Garm, the Keeper, a green dragon like the Broken Dragon but has deadlier tricks. He guards the source of corrupted dragon blood, the cause of the blood craze that an agent of Ragadam, Rak’shul the Usurper has created You can try the same tactics as the Broken Dragon with Garm, but even if you aren’t facing the line of fire, you will be pushed back with his flaming fires, stunned and constantly losing health. I recommend 20 apples and 20 potions for this battle and use as many companions as you can. You also fight him with a different perspective, which you’ll understand if you’ve faced him. You’ll need to have high haste to fight him, high movement speed to get back to him when blown away and high LoH to recover your health. He also uses Devastating Attack, but with two circles and instead takes only half your health away, which is still lethal. On a danger scale, Garm would score a 10/10, and can defeat any boss except Kara and Elban.

      Now comes the last boss, the one you’ve been waiting for, Kara the Tempest Queen. It says that she leads what’s left of Ragadam’s dominion and if you defeat her, Ragadam’s actions will be undone and his grip on the land will be relinquished. She is a floating purple metallic large queen, 1.5x taller than Elban and fires purple glowing daggers and swords towards you. She summons a Maiden of Steel and a Maiden of Pain, which I yet have to do more research on. She is quite lethal but not that lethal. She would, I imagine, just come out in a battle with Garm heavily wounded and bleeding and soon die form Garm’s fire effects. But this does not mean you should regard her as a pathetic boss, you’ll see once you get killed by her. She does not have good life regeneration which means with high attack you can finish her of easily.

      Summary (By SirArthur)
      Danger Scale
      5th.The Broken Dragon
      6th.Sivari *
      7th.Rak’shul *
      *This is a mini-boss

      Important combat notes:
      When faced with large crowds, try to aim for these enemies in order
      Healer (Heals)
      Summoner (Summons Skeletons)
      Immolator (Has a lava floor that deals damage to you over time)
      Defending (Boosts enemies defence)
      Empowering (Gives enemy more attack)
      Reflector (Reflects some damage back at you)
      Chilling (Slows you down and your haste)
      Bosses (Look up for the bosses above)


      • Thanks for the advice!


        • Great guide,

          Has anyone made an updated guide based on important changes made since this was last updated?

          Newish player, but noticed that the crafting advice is no longer optimal given changes that have been made at some point (unique items, materials, salvaging instead of selling, mastery, etc).

          Will also continue reading to find info on enchanting.

          Your boss info is cool SirArthur, but probably better for a topic of it's own in my opinion, not exactly newb relevant even though plenty of stuff from the OP is equally/more in depth.
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          • Originally posted by Keaven View Post
            Has anyone made an updated guide based on important changes made since this was last updated?
            Check links in Nhat signature


            • Originally posted by ShotDead View Post
              Check links in Nhat signature
              Sorry, I made an attempt (, but don't think I'll have the time to finish - at least not this year...
              Eternium Files - links and details (Updated: 21 May 2019)

              Eternium Guides:(I'm no longer updating any of the above, feel free to use anything there and make updated versions, for them - if you wish)


              • We might consider a Wiki as a information vehicle. Then, all could create/share and Wizards like Nhat might be able to spend more Quality time in just moderating the article.