The event started at: 02/17/2018 @ 1:00am (UTC)
Out apologies for the confusion, it's somewhat unclear at the moment if the event has started or not.

Q: How do I start the event?
A: Wait for the start time, then create an Event Hero.

Q: How do I create an Event Hero?
A: Once the event started, click on the "Create Event Hero" button at the top of the Event tab, under Event description. The Event tab is the flashing icon at the top right of the screen.

Q: Do I need to have an open hero slot to create an Event Hero?
A: No. The Event hero will be a separate, 6th hero slot for the duration of the Event.

Q: Will the live seasonal leaderboards be reset when an event is ongoing?
A: No, “A New Beginning” events have their own event leaderboards.

Q: Will I have access to my stash, champion levels, gold and gems?
A: Event heroes only have access to the account’s gem pool, but not to stash, gold or champion levels.

Q: Will all the items that the hero owns when the event ends be sent or just equipped items?
A: All items that the hero owns will be sent. This includes equipped items, items in inventory, items in stash and items in the event hero’s mailbox. There is one exception to this rule: Celestial items are converted back into Celestial Cubes, and those are sent to your inbox instead of the actual Celestial item. If you socketed your Celestial items, then those modifications are lost when the items are transformed back into Cubes.

Q: Celestial items that are created from Celestial Cubes are soulbound. What does this mean?
A: When an item becomes soulbound to a hero, only that hero can equip that item. This effect is permanent, and no item can be unbound.

Q: Will you get to create a Celestial item for another hero class than the hero class played in the event?
A: Yes. You will receive a Celestial Cube, used to create a Celestial item. You can pick and use this Celestial Cube with any of your regular characters.

Q: What happens to the event hero once the event is over?
A: If a character slot is available and unlocked, the event hero becomes a regular hero that occupies that character slot. If all character slots are occupied or if any unoccupied character slot is not unlocked, the event hero is deleted, but Champion experience, gold, gemstones and non-Celestial equipment it acquired are sent to your regular mail inbox. Celestial items become Celestial Cubes, and these are sent to your regular mail inbox.

Q: If the event hero becomes a regular hero, are Celestial items still transformed into Celestial Cubes?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the Event leaderboard cutoffs for milestones using the class specific leaderboard or the general (all classes) leaderboard?
A: Rewards are distributed according to the class specific leaderboards.

Q: Will the Legendary items obtained from Legendary Cubes be reconverted to Legendary Cubes after the event ends? How about the jewelry obtained from Jewelry Cubes?
A: No, only Celestial items are converted back into Celestial Cubes.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to play in the event?
A: Yes, an internet connection is required at all times when playing the event hero.

Q: Will the event be recurring or is it one time only?
A: The event will be recurring.

Q: Will the number of Champion Levels gained in the event be added to my regular champion levels when the event is over?
A: No, the amount of Champion experience gathered throughout the event is what will be received and added to the account’s Champion experience pool. Because Champion Levels have increasingly higher experience requirements the higher the level, it is likely that players will receive fewer Champion Levels then their event hero had, while however receiving all the experience gathered.

Q: Will the leaderboard based rewards be sent immediately after the event ends?
A: No, there will be a small period of time during which the event leaderboards are verified and accounts that are found out to be cheating or exploiting are disqualified and banned.

Q: What happens to character specific non-item objects acquired on the event hero, such as minions, research slots or ability ranks, if the event hero is not kept after the event finishes?
A: Any character specific perks are lost once the character is deleted.

Q: I read that the “A New Beginning” event started but it does not show up for me.
A: An account gains access to the event once it contains at least one character that matches the required level. (It can change from event to event)

Q: How long will the event be going on for?
A: The duration of the event is disclosed shortly before the event begins or when the event begins.