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    Ability Upgrade Priorities

    So, following my trend to asking the simple and basic questions?

    What abilities do you think should be taken to level 10 first for an ELR beam build? For a starting point, how about these?

    1) Arc Lightning
    2) Frost Beam
    3) Glass Cannon
    4) Immolate
    5) Fleet Footed
    6) Power Infusion


    Let's put some boundaries upon this discussion.

    Condition 1: The intent is to maximize experience farming as soon as possible during A New Beginning Events.

    Condition 2: All nine or ten abilities that the hero would use for experience farming are at least level 10.

    What are your priorities? Are those priorities based upon one, two or three upgrade slots?

    Where should the priorities be?

    I find it interesting that 3 of your top 6 are passive abilities. I've always gotten my primary and secondary attacks/abilities up to 10 before getting any passives past about 5. I always thought that higher active abilities were more important than higher passives. Looking at your priorities the passives may be more important than I've been giving them credit. Maybe that's why I've never been a top finisher.

    Typically my priorities have been Frost Beam, Arc Lightning, Immolate, Frost Nova, Frostbolt, then Celerity, Power Infusion and Endurance. I've never run an ANB without having at least 2 upgrade slots, and my priority order doesn't change with 2 or 3 slots. Although with 3 slots I do tend upgrade my passives faster than when I only use 2 upgrade slots.

    I might have to reconsider my previous playing strategy if there is a more effective or efficient way of upgrading the most useful abilities. I look forward to hearing what more successful mages have to say.


    • Stusmith50
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      I think AL bonus at level 10 gives a boost to frost beam damage - so AL is usually the first priority for the Discordians.

    My priorities would be (with 2/3 slots, never used just 1):
    - lvl 3 fireball at the very beginning of the first level for the area damage (though immolate kills most of the guys when you have some medals)
    - lvl 3 immo for debuff, lvl 5 frostbolt for triple damage against frozen targets
    - some levels in celerity and fleet
    - AL to 7 for debuff (I usually dedicate a slot for it pretty early and keep it there until 10, with some brief changes for low-level skills I already have the books for)
    - few levels in DfA for the last trials to 70 and sometimes until trial 70-80
    - beam
    - passives: I usually start with fleet, endurance and celerity, then switch endurance to GC when it's lvl 7-8. I sometimes change celerity to PI later depending on the current haste/damage, etc
    - immo 10 for the area increase

    One more neat trick I've been using for xp farming: nova at lvl 2 so the freeze duration is shorter. This way mobs start chasing you a tad sooner and you don't have to run back : ) Might save a second every 10 runs but I like it Frostbolt is pretty useless except for finishing the last % of Kara's hp or the last few zombies so you spawn her with a 'fresh' beam
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    • Splendor
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      AL 7 actually provides the dmg buff, the speed buff isn't until level 10.

    • bojck
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      Oops thanks, corrected

    ANB with 2 upgrade slot

    1. lvl 3 fireball is a must to fast leveling
    2. lvl 5 using gems (yes gems, because i don't have time to babysit them all to lvl5) = arc, nova, immo, beam, celerity, endurance, PI and glass cannon (did i forgot to write frostbolt ? no i didn't, i left it on lvl1 cause i never use it on mobile gameplay)
    3. then i dedicated 1 of my precious upgrade slot to the Arc light, and the other slot to beam until them reach lvl10 (usually it will easily goes to lvl10 while i am farming gemstones and gold on DC [yeah DC is life, DC is love], some of 3hrs & 1hrs BoL will drop in that 30minutes run, so win win situation)
    4. then immo to lvl10 in 1 slot while other slot cooking PI and GC consecutively to lvl10
    5. then endurance
    6. then celerity
    7. then i slowly increasing all other skill (for synergy level)
    8. in the end of ANB i will likely have all other skill (that's not in the point 2) to lvl 8 or some to 9 or even 10 for the synergy

    note : i only run to DC on bronze and silver (not an important note, i know )
    note2 : DC is Darkhold Citadel <--- this note is for tin man
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    • kurtcabage
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      i thought back in your day it was morgenheim that be everyone's favourite farming spot, what, like 3 or 4 years ago ? hha
      saw most of old post will say morgenheim if discussing about gold and gemstone farming...

    • Tin Man
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      You want to talk about back in that day? There was no Act IV.

    • kurtcabage
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      lmao that's too far from what i know
      i am glad that i join this game when it's already a nice complete game haha

    If I'm not mistaken when ANB was introduced — no bronze, silver, gold, and still no Act 4 yet, TBD was my favorite farming spot since there's still unlimited event time, and TSM for gemstones because Magroth still drops stuff, and spending a day on finishing the story mode to legendary difficulty just for a custom legendary box.. And among the three bosses on trials, Elban is the one I hate the most as an Apprentice mage user. Oh good old days


    • Tin Man
      Tin Man commented
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      The gold ole days! Playing twenty-four hours a day for nine days. Was still scary how many CLs some players earned.

      You also forget to mention that the current crafting system did not exist. You had to take three existing pieces as seed pieces and wait twenty-four hours for the result, usually not worth it.

    • Benedicto
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      Those players back then can farm over 2k CL even the max exp stat per gear was 45%(?).. and yes, that kind of "crafting" and yet top players still "complete" the exact stats on all their push gear, that I only sometimes experienced to have drops with what I needed so I suck at the final push. I guess they bought the 3 limits of titan's chest package for the additional custom leg boxes included that time?

    1) Arc Lightning to lv 10
    2) Frost Beam to lv 10
    3) Glass Cannon to lv 7
    4) Immolate to lv 10
    5) other no order
    top 3 is enough for TL 105.
    I'm chinafff
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