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Any other.....XP/MoT/GrEss- farmer builds out there ?

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    Any other.....XP/MoT/GrEss- farmer builds out there ?

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    Yipeee ....XP/MoT/GrEss agricultural daily worker harvester [almost] complete...
    What started out as a leisurely sidekick...and eventually turned into months of hard work is coming close to completion..... just missing 1 CT , an upgrade BoM and possibly a dozen or so celestial orbs? “Himmelskugeln“ .

    XP currently @1'436% no booster, farming TL120 consistently under 180 sec. on budget tablet [my guess would be that good players could cut that down to under 120 sec.]

    I went for a classic FrostELRLily-build.....and am wondering whether a DfA/ToS/newScholar[rank 50 immolate whatever that means]-build could hold up or even outpass @TL120....¿?.....or where a classic Crit-build might stand...¿?
    Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)

    At 120 your build is the best for sure. Crit frostbeam could be just as good, just a bit harder to play cause you have less room for defensive stats. Crit DfA is the best at 105, capable of doing 35 sec runs with full 77 gear, but will be slower than beam at 120.

    Apprentice is out of the question... Arcanist is not too bad for farming.

    Btw you know xp is capped at trial 103, right? I guess you farm 120 for the better drops
    Mage: Anba
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      Yes / for the better drops of course, especially MoTs..... it just seemed like a good compromise to farm for both xp&drops at the same time. Btw have you experimented with the new "immolate apprentice" set ?
      cheers for the Crit /DfA builds info
      Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)