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Ring and Necklace for Non-Crit ELR Mage

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    Ring and Necklace for Non-Crit ELR Mage

    Hi everybody,

    I just need some suggestions for accessories to push higher trials. I'm at T145 and things get harder for my current build.

    Beside rings and necklace, 8 out of 13 items are CT'ed and at level 77. Others are at 75-76.

    My current attributes are:
    Damage: 104.430 - 156.621
    Haste: 2397
    Fire D: 21,9% and Frost D: 68,8%
    Vitality: 2467
    Armor: 5619
    Dodge R: 138
    LoH: 4882
    Ability: 1559
    Experience: 711% (I know I need to lower this one )

    Current accessories:
    Necklace: 300 Power; 270 Haste; 223 AR; 188 Vit
    Ring 1: 301 Power; 212 Haste: 200 AR; 90,9% Experience
    Ring 2: 303 Power; 191 AR; 190 Haste; 636 LoH >>> I just crafted this. Fusion Rating says it is just "Good" but I'm happy with the result.

    So, what shallI recraft first? What shall be the main stats for accessories beside power?

    PS: I mostly play on mobile..


    Ezinnul, you apparently have been around the block a few times. Just curious, though ... why pursue a non-crit build in higher Trials? That seems to go contrary to the current metas.
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      First: I don't have much mats to re-craft all items with crits on them.
      Second: I don't know whether you are playing on mobile or steam but crit build is like a hell on mobile (due to lower defensive stats...)
      That's why I insist on non-crit build


        Mobile beam is tough for sure... Make sure you have max power everywhere, including enchantments. You can gain a lot of toughness from diamonds, they are great value for money : ) If survivability is not an issue, add rubies.

        Your stats look good, once you drop all xp and get rid of that +fire damage there won't be too much left to improve
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          I'm going to try it soon techzpod download mobdro
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