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    mage set-eternium

    So I want to know which set for the mage is the strongest and most suitable? I use the arcanist vestments set because I prefer the skill arcane bolts, arc lighting, frost beam and singularity because I like these skills very much and I prefer them, so is the arcanist vestments set good or should I make the elemental regalia set? and when I make the elemental regalia set then Will these skills that I just wrote effectively re set elemental regalia? Can I still use arcane bolts skill, arc lighting skill and singularity with it?
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    Arcanist is fine if that is what you like to play but you will be limited on your maximum trial.

    The highest trials, meaning Top 10, are currently held by mostly critical build Elemental Lord Regalia (ELR) but there are also Stormcaller Realia Vestments (SCR). The SCR is more akin to Arcanist and uses the same Forbidden Knowledge set and other similarities.

    I have not yet run SCR so I know little about it. I know there is information posted on Discord about it. I would have to search here. The top SCR has been the main driver for making the build successful and the player goes by Kinnu the Zapper Mage on Discord. I can not recall his Forum handle for the life of me right now.

    The highest ranked SCR right now is #27 but that is not a player with which I am familiar.

    SCR used to require good hardware but I believe they have resolved that.

    Take a look at:

    And look up the results from last season, Summer2022, and you can see the guy that I am talking about at #7. You will not see the abilities but you will see the gear configuration.

    I know that you has posted about what to build on Discord.

    Arc Lightning is universal for mages.

    ELR is Frost Beam based for higher levels.
    Arcanist is Singularity based.
    SCR is also Singularity based.

    Based upon what you have said, I strongly suggest looking at SCR.


    • hades
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      so when I use the ELR set I can use the skill arcane bolts, arc lighting, frost beam and singularity? will it be effective enough? because i like arcane bolts skill and i like to use this skill very much...

    • Tin Man
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      Of course you could use those abilities for ELR but the build would suck. You really need Frostbolt equipped as an ability for the Northern Wind effect and you want Arc Lightning equipped for the speed and damage boost.

      If you are that tied to using Arcane Bolt? ELR is really not for you.

      Arcane Bolts and Frostbolt would likely work better but still not be competitive.

      Keep in mind that the attacks will frequently directly count to less than 1% of the total damage for a trial. The side effect from various attacks can be massive. An exception to this is Cleave which can do massive damage for a warrior and show up as the majority damage for a trial.
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    I’d also add another factor .. do you intend to play competitively to try and get into the top 10 … or do you intend just to play for FUN?

    big difference
    youve said you enjoy this particular skill set

    it won’t take long to get all your other skills up to level 10 though if you do change
    again, there’s loads advice already out there
    max out your crafting skills
    complete loads of trials to farm crafting materials


      In answer to the above question regarding which skills to use, no, you would not use arcane bolts and singularity with the ELR, you would be using frost nova and immolate with the frost beam to get your shatters and thermal shocks
      However, if you were using the storm caller, these skills would be ok (arcane, singularity etc)

      again, choose the way of playing that is most fun for you


        For ELR set, it's also very important to have Frost Bolt equipped (as an Attack) so Northern Wind is 100% guaranteed to proc when using Frost Nova.
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          In fact next time the leader boards are up and running, just take a look at the top 100 and see what skills they are using with which kits