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What attributes does the mage use??

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    What attributes does the mage use??

    What attributes does the mage use??
    What gems to put on it?
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    It really depends upon which style of mage you are intending to use ….
    passives and abilities … you really need to read the benefits info for each style of mage
    you can do that when you go to Ingrid when crafting

    some do endurance, others prefer glass cannon
    power infusion is great for power … but if you are low on one particular thing then boost it with a passive
    some like movement with Fleet Footed …. Others don’t


      For new players that need help getting started with their gear builds, you can certainly review the Leaderboards for ideas. Just remember these players are practiced and top notch. But the gear they're wearing, the attributes they're using, and the abilities they're applying can provide you with some guidance on how to start building a good gear set for your favorite champion class.

      But these are only ideas. There is a LOT of flexibility in the game to allow you to experiment and play a class and gear set that suits you, that brings the most enjoyment.
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