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How come Robins Disengage doesn't trigger shatter?

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    How come Robins Disengage doesn't trigger shatter?

    I noticed that despite the description saying "immobilizing", the in game phenomenon looks like freezing, has the debuff icon of frost nova, acts like freezing, even gets part of Igneus effect where frozen enemies are unfrozen and yet a shatter does not happen.

    Why is this?

    Also as a bonus question does for example the thermal shock effect, does the 1000% equate to a 10x increase?

    Have not been ignoring this post but processing it.

    Are you talking about this icon ...

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    That icon is not from Robin. That icon is from Frostbolt. Frostbolt, when equipped even when not used, generates the same stunned, frozen effect as Frost Nova with Northern Wind. This "Northern Wind" can be used to Shatter just as if you cast a Frost Nova.

    I went back into Training Grounds without Robin and waited until the same icon appeared, without using any Frostbolt or Frost Nova and not even attacking until the icon appeared. When the icon appeared, I cast an immolate. The resulting damage stats were ...

    Click image for larger version

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    The Arc Lightning was done initially just to engage the mob so that I could see the icons.

    Does that answer your first question?

    For your bonus question? It is always a good idea to question any numbers in the game as the game plays loosey-goosey with its numbers. Numbers frequently do not behave how you would expect based on how they are presented. Have a question like that? Training Grounds is your friend and perfect for checking things like that. Is best to control the variables by using a Fire Lily and even no weapons or very, very low-level weapons when possible.