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Allocating CL points on a crit build

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    Allocating CL points on a crit build

    I am running a mage called hecate and I have decided to try a crit build so I have used the eternium dps optimizer which has suggested putting most of the points into power and that did increase damage. However my question is is there a ratio of crit rating points to crit damage or should you fill crit rating first?

    Hmmm ... If you do have gear with Crit attributes, I think it is more effective to first allocate CL to the Crit Damage and Crit Rating attributes. Power can be allocated for later after filling up all the CR and CD, but you certainly can try sneaking some Power in as you gradually fill up CD and CR to see it's effect.

    I would simply try different allocating scenarios yourself to optimize your damage, at least to start instead of using the tool. Keep track (pencil, paper, spreadsheet, etc.) for the best combinations of CL that optimize Damage (the key parameter) followed by Toughness and Recovery, which also come from your gear, abilities, and synergy levels -- that is, there's a whole bunch of things that influence build ratings. I know the tool seems to make this easier, but optimizing is NOT it's forte. Part of the fun is your taking control of this allocation and experiment.

    And what's really nice is this allocation testing doesn't "cost" you anything! And you can change it at any time, as well. This is a rare instance in the game where you have a lot of influence over how CL is initially allocated. And don't get too hung up on perfection. You'll eventually get a sense of diminishing returns on where the allocation should land to stop experimenting and play the game.

    The DPS optimizer, IMHO, is a decent tool, but more of a general guide -- and it does not account very well on your ultimate build strategy goals and style of play.
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      Thanks for your quick and very detailed response warrior I wasn't sure if there was magical formula or not time to start playing around with the figures then. Thanks again for the quick response.


        there is a dps formula here in this ancient topic:

        Btw after you play a few ANBs you will not need to optimize champion points at all - normally you have all the CPs (except power) filled in the first 30-60 minutes and then just put everything into power. Normally you start with a firelily build in anb and put everything into haste, then really soon there's just power left
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          Yeah, I don't even think about allocating anymore ... I just do it by habit. But for a newbie, this may be intimidating:

          And as bojck says, this distribution comes early in ANB gameplay as you quickly progress accumulating CL points:

          For me, I allocate by a priority (others may have other ideas). For a mage:
          1. Haste
          2. Power
          3. / 4. Split between CD and CR AFTER you have gear with these attributes; CAUTION: using the Fire Lily Trinket negates ALL crit effects, making CD and CR useless, so continue with adding CL to the Power bucket until you remove the Fire Lily for your late farming or Push trinket, then re-allocate to the CRIT BUILDS list below.

          1. Haste
          2. / 3. Split between CD and CR (ideally, CR at 50% means half your hits inflict Critical Damage)
          4. Power

          DEFENSE Same for Non-Crit and Crit
          1. Life
          2. Armor
          3. Life on Hit
          (You can try swapping or splitting 2. and 3. also)
          4. Life Regeneration

          UTILITY Same for Non-Crit and Crit
          1. Experience (necessary early to accumulate as much XP with a new ANB toon)
          2. Ability Rate (improves cooldown on attacks and abilities)
          3. Movement Speed
          (You can try splitting between 2. and 3. also)
          4. Extra Gold (move to 1. when ready to Gold Farm)

          bojck may have better ideas (likely ), but this works well for me.

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          I think that DPS formula has changed since 2017, the Crit Chance adjustment is incorrect (CR / CR + 3500) in the original calc and should be (CR / CR + 3000)

          Edit : Yep, referenced later in the posts. Nhat's spreadsheets are probably your best bet if you enjoy maths
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          Thanks for the follow up warrior it's good to see it laid out like that for us newbies and thanks wispy for the formula correction. I will have a closer look at Nhat's spreadsheets.