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My Trial pushing Mage

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    My Trial pushing Mage

    Hi there!

    First of all, I'm not a Mage mani (BH) but I do have decent equips and experience using all three classes. So for today, I just want you guys to check if my current setup is already good/decent to end-game acceptable for Trial pushing mage (unless I get some drops with the same stats but better values overall of course). I just realized that adding more HASTE instead of power increases the total displayed DMG in RED than.

    Only change in this screenshot is I just got a legendary apprentice glove with CD on it so I might consider changing into that to increase my CD near 1200% value.

    As you can see my DMG is quite low because I think CL is good enough to boost it, my VIT though is quite decent as I survive tanking Elban boss at Trial 83 with a few assassinate DPS on me. ASPD is at 5 so I put it there so I can just adjust it maybe later on when I earn CLs using my EXP apprentice set on another post I have here in PHP. My CR is at 45% (44.8% to be exact) which might reach flat out 45% plus because of the new glove I got mentioned above but I might lose some other stats like VIT which I think is quite okay.

    AR is at 51% with 1576 and I'm planning to put it down to 1494 instead to get more CD and other power stuff with a new cap/hat drop variance.

    From here, is it alright and I just need to farm EXP to get those haste and power pump ups? OR I still need to farm some more items.

    P.S. I'm not yet pushing to finish Trial 84 since I'm just EXP farming anyway and someone said that Deidre's or Murkraiser drops more often at Trials 80-83 as higher than that, you'll probably get more of the set items rather than named items due to drop percentage increase of set items.

    I'm using Blizzard, Clone, Frost beam (with Vortex). I love getting the aggro of mobs I see and then use clone to run away and put them into a position to use vortex, then drop a blizzard into a Frost beam.

    Haven't tried the Singularity yet with my gained CL from 660 to 866 but I figured this can still work (as I do enjoy it LOL) until Trial 100 as someone here said (forgot who-sorry).

    All feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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