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  • A little help with jewelry

    Can someone explain me what means the "quality" in the rings/necklaces (poor,satisfactory,etc)?.

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    The in game display actually doesn't mean much and can even be misleading. There is some explanation of this in the Guide.
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      If you're talking the about the "Fusion Rating" value, then ignore it - unfortunately, I haven't specifically put this in my guide yet, (Edit: added now)

      Originally posted by Nhat View Post
      From what I can tell, the fusion rating is more focused on the best "spread" of attributes for a piece. Which may be "best" for that particular one, but bad for the following fusing steps, due to the way the calculations work.

      Click image for larger version Name:	Screenshot_2018-04-15-22-24-58.png Views:	1 Size:	284.6 KB ID:	95682Click image for larger version Name:	Screenshot_2018-04-15-22-25-09.png Views:	1 Size:	282.6 KB ID:	95683

      You can see that 118 Haste is "worse" than 101 Haste and 95 Power (total 196). But for the next fuse step, having 118 Haste is better than 101 Haste. See the maths post in the Jewelry guide, if you're interested in the details.

      Also, it seems the rating doesn't account for the bonuses correctly, which is how the "primary" attributes get boosted.
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