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Help me reach trial 80 ANB

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  • Help me reach trial 80 ANB

    I'm stuck at trial 74 for days facing Garm ..wat to improve? Still 2 days left...thanks
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    There's no reason you can't beat garm with that timing. Other than that just get better gear or more CLs.
    ANB #1- Mage Rank 17..... T107 in 9:47
    ANB #2- Mage Rank 1....... T116 in 9:54

    Live LB- Mage Rank 1........ T122 in 9:05.
    Live LB- XP Mage Rank 31. T112 in 7:55/ T100 in 3:25.

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      Many thanks Potato


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        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20181204_194508710~2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	178.6 KB ID:	120010 I had those stats at one point. I took my two loot booster rewards and did broken dragon runs for an hour. I made jewelry with all teardrops and mediocre greens. I walked straight through and beat 80 easily (6:17) at CL 440.

        Kobor: CILA GOGI YEZI 2454

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20181204_194928960~2.jpg
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ID:	120011
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          Many thanks Trouble


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            get integralas mantle... also get 3 archer... you don't need eileen for warrior...
            GEPU GANA HEPO 9200
            Click here to see How to make an XP jewelry video... (TUTORIAL)
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              Just reach trial 80 a moment ago

              Thanks to Potato who suggest to increase CL, Trouble for the ring and fendy for the integrals..I follow these three seniors advice and succeed

              Now i can continue play casually.... less stressful
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                I'm very happy ...dunno can progress further or finger numb with hours of playing
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