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  • Hoping for 80

    I haven't been able to get by Trial 77 on my main account after playing for about 3 and a half weeks before the event started. Decided to give this ANB a shot, up to 64. However, I'm getting eaten alive by every boss but Garm. Looking for some advice on how to improve, I main Mage.

    In short, here's my gear:

    Arcanist Helm - CR, LoH, CD, P
    Amulet - H, P, CR, CD, +40 Vit jewel
    Arcanist Shoulder - P, LoH, CD, CR
    Arcanist Chest - H, P, CR, CD, +40 vit jewel
    Integralas Mantle - P, CD, H, CR, 30% chance to gain 96 AR
    Arcanist Gloves - CD, LoH, P, H
    Apprentice Pants - Exp, AR, LoH
    Apprentice Boots - CR, Exp, MS
    Ring - H, P, CR, CD, +200 armor jewel
    Ring - H, P, CR, CD, +160 armor jewel
    Staff - H, CD, P LoH, +40 vit jewel
    Tome - P, AR, CD

    Damage - 301,572
    Toughness - 32,859
    Recovery - 36,221

    Damage per Hit - 15,670
    Rate - 5.22
    Crit - 30%
    Life - 12,653
    Regen - 155
    Armor - 4,791 (-61%)
    Block - 0%

    Offense - 34 CR, 24 CD, 53 Haste
    Defense - 10 Life%, 50 Armor, 50 LoH
    Utility - 40 AR, 20 MS, 0 Gold, 50 Exp

    Apart from the obvious of getting better gear (upgrading my epic pants, boots, and tome), any advice on how to improve? Thanks!

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    Can you post a screenshot of the detailed page please, now that your first post is approved, easier for others to check that directly.

    From what you noted, Ability Rate seems very low, since you only have it from CP and 1 gear piece. Try to get it to 1000, maybe more. Most of the Mage's damage come from the Utilities, so you want to be casting them as often as possible.

    Check leaderboard for abilities used.

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