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not showing on leader board in an event

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  • not showing on leader board in an event

    Hi, I play on PC.

    First or second day i reached trial 70, then bit more next few days, but in leader boards i was still trial 40. I tried to play on my phone, extremely laggy, just did fast trial 50, and leader board was updated and i'm currently sitting there trial 50.

    I'm going to craft better rings and farm more CL and hope to push 100, but why is it never updated?.

    Just putting it here, i don't use any cheats.
    I'm using game form windows store, have Internet active entire time, disabled firewall, no antivirus (using Linux as my main, windows for games.)

    So anyone know whats happening?

    thank you.

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    What game version are you running?


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      I’m having the same issue. I checked this morning and realized I was at level TL5 on the leader boards even though I’m at TL50. I read a post somewhere that said something about putting Marcus back in the party with a Eileen and it will update. It worked for me except I can’t beat TL49 with Marcus so therefore the leader board won’t show my current TL. I’m currently at TL32 on the leader board because I am struggling to het higher with Marcus.

      I only play on IPhone.



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        Just update to 1.3.19 and complete another Trial (with whatever companions).


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          updated to ver. 19, strange never thought of checking microsoft store for update, when game let me log in without problems.

          worked like the charm, thank you. first trial i did and in top 100


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            Updating the app worked. Thanks for that. I didn’t realize there was an update. I’m used to games telling me I can’t play unless I update it.


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              Originally posted by Legacy45 View Post
              I’m used to games telling me I can’t play unless I update it.
              We only do that on occasion.