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have drops been nerfed? can't seem to find decent legendary gear and books

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  • have drops been nerfed? can't seem to find decent legendary gear and books

    Heyb guys,

    I finished trial 60 with my warrior at CL 410, but I only got 3 epic pieces. I think I haven't seen a single legendary piece in the past 30 runs of trials 40, 45, 55 and 50. I also get very few books both in trials and story line. I have been trying to do speed runs in level 45 of the story line, but I get at most 1 10 minute book in a run and maybe a 1h every 15th time.
    I am struggling to get decent gear for trials 60-80. I havent gotten a decent sword/mace in the past 2 days.

    Anything I should do/avoid?


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    IIRC... TL70+ will have a 50% chance to drop legendary if clear on time... TL80+ above has a 100% legendary drop even if timeout... TL60 still have a chance of legendary drop but the % is low... maybe try TL65 for better % for legendary... and I got books when farming morgenheim and catacomb map... uploading the vids now... maybe bout 3 hours before finish upload... slow speed... LOL... you can check my signature link if you wanna see the vids later...
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