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improve warrior for trial 80

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  • improve warrior for trial 80

    Hey guys,
    in the beginning I wanted to go for Trial 40. Now I am close to 80, but it doesnt seem to be enough to even unlock the trial. I beat Kara at 75 within 6 minutes and Magroth in 76 with 9:45 or sth. I crafted a Deidre's Resolve and a mantle with 98 AR. Currently upgrading frenzy and increased passive life but I am not sure I can reach another skill level by the end of the event. What does DOT mean in the damage overview?
    What is easiest to improve?

    Here is my friends code if you wanna check the gear: QETI QORO QABE 9449
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    Damage over Time, the "bleed" damage for Rending Slash and Deadly Throw.
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      Thanks! Is there a particular attribute I need to push? I realized my attacks per second was quite low, around 5.2, so I removed 2 vitality sockets and 1 power in favor of haste, increasing attack speed to around 6.0. Would it make sense to open 2 boxes of powerful set items?