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High End CL (1500+) Attack Speed Breakpoints

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  • High End CL (1500+) Attack Speed Breakpoints

    I was hoping someone could fill me in on what attack speeds I should be aiming for on both Mage and BH for TL 90+ and 1500+ CL

    Even better would be the break points for these areas. I'm in the 6.5% range right now on most of my characters, but knowing the breakpoints would allow me to fine tune a bit more and potentially squeek out some more damage or vitality.

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    End game AS for mage is 6.7-7.0. You're trading sheet damage for alacrity /faster cool downs so more secondary skill casts like blizzard, singularity.

    For trial 90, you should be closing in on 6.0, I'd think. It's hard to remember. A counter point is this past ANB I took my mage up through trial 99 with AS of 5. If you don't already have them and need the speed without wanting to farm gear, another archer would be an option. They add 10% speed at level 70. Note that's AS, not haste which is subject to diminishing returns.
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      Haste can be increased indefinitely.
      so higher CL will always turn out to higher AS.

      You can use this:

      It will give you the set up for highest sheet damage.
      I used it for a long time. But in my main BH I have 35% crit rate with more than 1200% CD.
      AR is about break 1900.
      As such I swapped over to more speed putting about 100 points it says for power into haste.
      (Gives me just short of 8 AS)

      For that it was a matter of playing a bit for the return. Devs had said they didn't want attacks to exceed 10/second (has Todo with engine limitations actually not them just deciding) and of course the more you put in the less result you get.
      So I put all but about 300 points in and played with how it increases 2power 1 haste 3 power 1 haste up to much higher.
      And how many MORE I need in haste for what increase.

      I'm much higher than some of the top players, but I tend to take more damage (thus I wanted bit more of my LoH and was more worried about the critical/ability usage.)

      7 AS on a BH is good for trials up into the 100's

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        Thank you for your inputs