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  • Assault or stalker

    Really enjoying this game, totally noobing it atm moment so I'll ask questions, apologies if they have been asked before...
    stalker or assault gear? Both look good

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    Assault on pc, stalker on mobile. If you want to push for higher trials on mobile, better practice on assault until you get used to it. I am not very expert on bh on mobile but ask the pros for better details (stat priorities, jewelry stat etc.).


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      Really, that nuch difference in gameplay between pc and mobile?????
      I'm mobile btw


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        Originally posted by Benedicto View Post
        Assault on pc, stalker on mobile. .

        It's not same on both?! So whatever I gained from reading forums may actually be wrong for me as I play on mobile only?


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          Originally posted by Madhatter View Post
          Really, that nuch difference in gameplay between pc and mobile?????
          I'm mobile btw
          With stalker set you don't have to spam skills and using explosive shot or lethal shot as primary attack can help you survive. It is because that assault set will force you to use scatter shot to be your primary, and scatter shot have shorter range, means closer to mobs and you are highly vulnerable to be killed. Assault set needs more movements while attacking a.k.a. kiting, that is easier to do in pc


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            Originally posted by ShotDead View Post

            It's not same on both?! So whatever I gained from reading forums may actually be wrong for me as I play on mobile only?
            Read my opinion above. But again I am not a bh expert but it is how I play and it is more convenient to me. It can vary every player but it is more likely what I have learned from others that helped me.


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              Originally posted by Benedicto View Post
              Assault set needs more movements while attacking a.k.a. kiting, that is easier to do in pc
              Did you mean Stalker? Assault don't need kiting... you can tank it like a warrior if you have enough life to survive... I used Assault and face tank Kara sword at TL100 with 95k+ life and survive...
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                The stalker on mobile and assault set on PC is very common
                . PC players get to use the mouse to position and press the one two and three keys for abilities.

                Assault uses scatter which is shorter range. You need move more which on mobile can be problematic running into things. And that speed bonus on assault can mean you have no reaction time to stop it.
                Additionally it's main power comes from being able use rapid fire so fast. I have an AS of 8 and AR 1900. I can't draw the symbol as fast as rapid fire resets like that.

                Stalker will use longer range, pulling enemies into a line for the snipe proc.
                It deals less damage overall so you will see assault sets with 300k damage out perform 2.8M stalker.
                When I was mobile only it was usually damage out put that stopped me in trials. I wouldn't be able to clear the mobs in the 10 min let alone the boss.

                There's still some theory that has been posted in the forms that I don't think has been fully explored yet.
                since snipe has such a high damage percent and automatically criticals the typical idea of maximizing your crit rate has been questioned. Just most people with the resources to test it have really high CL and such already and jewelry that's already been crafted include CR.
                Idea is though that you remove CR maximize your critical damage bonus and then use the extra space you now have to increase your attack speed.
                If you're up to nine attacks per second start popping out the snipe procs pretty quick for a huge bonus that auto crits.
                If you can't get haste you go power.
                A few test have been done and it worked well but, no one has so far as I know, performed an event or push with it. So it's possible it's more viable than people had realized.

                And you get to back off the life on hits and vitality little bit. To increase dps

                That being said there are some that are mobile only doing decent with the assault set. I haven't seen a consistently high tier player YET but many did well enough to get couple celestials this event.
                I think they do tend to shift off the typical AR build for bit more power though. Once your ability resets faster than you can use it becomes irrelevant to increase it more.

                Sounds like your still bit new you have time to try and experiment with both.
                Trials start dropping named items at a higher probably as you move up.
                And eventually you will focus on perfect jewelry.
                Only issue is if you want to try the theoretical stalker and it doesn't work well you end up loosing out on ~900CR on those jewelry items.
                Not a HUGE deal to make two but to me not worth the effort. All my characters when I play them just use same ones
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                  Sometimes you just play with what the game gives you. My original BH is Assault 6, but I was lucky enough to score a full Stalker set on the last day of the ANB event. I like being able to start an attack from distance using lethal or explosive shot, then switch to scatter shot when the mob moves into close range. My AR is fairly high, so I can usually count on one sometimes two snipe procs with each new mob. I just finished Trial 83, and most of my damage came from the Snipe procs.