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"Custom" Rare Jewelry Boxes

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  • "Custom" Rare Jewelry Boxes

    I'm out to create the perfect ring and I had some Custom Rare Jewelry boxes I was saving for the purpose.
    I opened the first one and selected LoH, but the ring came out with ability rate.
    Does my selection only affect what would be the gemstone slot?

    If so, why are LoH, XP, etc. even options...

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    It's a bug in version 1.3.31:
    Eternium Files - links and details (Updated: 21 May 2019)

    Eternium Guides:


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      Please don't try to use any more jewelry boxes until Dev's post that it is fixed....too many people keep trying....Please stop with the boxes be patient until we get a resolution.... I know I know its frustrating but it is necessary...I have been waiting for a long time as well to use mine so you are not alone!
      And for everyone who tried to use them who did not realize there was a problem with the boxes and wasted some I'm sorry for your loss...
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        Does downgrading help? It was fixed in .30 I think


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          I think it's more like people not knowing about this jewelry box issue and using it then finding out later that there's a bug causing the boxes to not work as intended. Pity those people. Doubt that they will get their boxes replaced though. It'll be good if they can be given replacement boxes for the ones lost due to the bug.
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            Originally posted by Dynaflex View Post
            Does downgrading help? It was fixed in .30 I think


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              Yeah, I realize this has already been reported elsewhere. I looked for that before I posted, but I apparently misspelled jewelry.
              Anyway, I only used one box because there was obviously a problem, but still I have no reason to be on the forums most of the time and if I have to check here before I do anything for fear of a bug, I'm just gonna stop playing.


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                As mentioned elsewhere, it will be fixed in the next update. Just don't use your boxes until you see an update for the game (and your Jewelry Cubes act normally).


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                  Last week, before I learned about the bug, I used one box trying to create an XP ring, but it turned into a Vit ring. No harm no foul, since Vit is one of the stats I'm going for as well. I'm counting the days until they fix it so I can create a set of perfect XP jewelry.