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A few questions for the wise folks of the forums

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    A few questions for the wise folks of the forums

    First, before I get to the questions, I want to say that this community ROCKS! I have learned so much reading this forum, and I can’t thank all of you enough. Here are my questions.

    1). Do we need to level all of our characters in crafting, or can one be the main craftsman and transfer the goods to the others?

    2). How do I make a signature for my characters?

    3). I understand that the recipe vendor will not display recipes we have learned. Does that apply only to recipes bought with gold, or to all of them? The reason I ask this is that I have seen duplicates already. I have been having some problems with her, and I would like to know if I should send in another bug report.

    If these have been answered in the forums, I truly apologize. I have spent well over an hour searching for the answers, without success.
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    1) Crafting ML is account wide, so applies to any hero you use.

    2) Go to User Settings - >Account and scroll down. You'll see your signature settings there.

    3) Once you purchase a recipe, whether with gold or gems, it comes out of the rotation. So given enough time and patience, you can purchase all recipes using gold. You shouldn't see any duplicates in the sense that any recipe you've purchased should NOT come up again from the vendor. If it does, I'd consider that a bug.
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