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Mage lvl 70..advices for further

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  • Mage lvl 70..advices for further

    Like title say,playing with mage,lvl 70 CL 230..doing legendary store mode,and best trial is trial 46..what should i do now? Grind gold,diamonds? For what,when,where? I have few pics about my char

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    Here are screenshots
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      Do Rings/Necklace, that will give you a huge + in stats. And keep doing trials for better set gear
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        It depends on what your Character has and what you want to do. If your basic goal is you want to eventually get good gear and push way far into the trials, then the expedient path is pretty common across class types. Get a solid, but not perfect set of Jewelry. The reason is a solid set is only booster worth of farming, versus a dozen plus. At mid-TL levels straight up DPS serves you the best, IMHO. Eventually you get we're you'll start trading some of that out for Vitality or LoH.

        Especially for a Mage, evaluate your abilities. IMHO, for either Gold/gemstone farming or XP grinding, Arc Lightning performs superbly. Regardless of gear, Arcane bolts pretty much dictates at least two Arcanist pieces of gear. Even then, IMHO, it seems a little slower than Arc lightning for farming. Then determine which supporting abilities you want, Immolate, Blink, Singulariity, Blizzard,. Note with a full Apprentice set, even if you don't equip Immolate, you want a level 10 Immolate because the proc is broken OP.

        Once you know your path, then you want to think through Synergy as discuss in this thread. Pardon the bad form of linking my own post.

        Optimize your Champion Points.

        Now evaluate your gear. IMHO, for Mage, and probably all classes at mid-levels, Boots and Pants must have movement. If you want farm, you need to run. The faster the better and honestly, the faster the more can get out of the way of the big boss attack.

        Crafting a epic gear to fill out or correct a gear set layout is cheap in terms of MoT & essences.

        I'm currently at TL92 and CL859. From CL230 to where I am now, if I had to do it over, I would XP grind and buff my CLs as much possible. You'll get the most gain from the CLs faster than if you focus on getting gear or even perfecting jewelry. The added bonus, once you push into TL80 plus, you drop Legendary set gear are increasing rates. You can spend time farming to get enough brilliants to make a 300 power ring or spend enough Gems on a gear piece to add sockets and just socket a pair of Trillian (2/3rds of a brilliant) for a slightly larger power gain. You don't want to waste Gems, but the time to earn or buy the gems needed compared to farming is a much smaller investment.

        For XP Grind, find the Boss you're most comfortable beating and then figure out which level, speed wize gives you the best XP/second payout with killing the boss so you get the little gear that drops. The secondary bonus of XP grinding and adding 200ish CLs is when you then return farm, farming will be that much more productive.

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          Agree with Outlaw now that photos are up. You need Jewelry upgrade, and probably have enough to get solid Jewelry without additional farming. You'll want to look at the Jewelry guide and see what crafting using mostly Teardrop gemstones will gain you.

          You need power, CD, and Attack Speed (Haste & Synergy). Then farm trials for XP & Gear.


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            Thx for responses,i wondered if I should go for dmg stats ir xp/gold for jewelry..since im getting gold so slow..Btw when should i craft weapon/equipment?


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              Crafting a weapon/equipment is situational. Craft when the change up will give you a meaningful marginal gain when crafting an Epic piece. Eventually you'll craft Legendary items, but until much later, crafting legendary Set/Named gear is horribly resource expensive.

              In general, craft when you need a piece to complete a set (i.e. Adding piece six of Apprentice gear, IMHO is a no brainer craft), craft when you have a piece that needs specific specs that you don't have (ie. Boots with Movement). Crafting a weapon is a maybe since weapons drop so much. Carefully evaluate your non-named weapons for a better weapon if your available Named Weapons have low damage specs. The low damage spec mulitplies through too much to use, IMHO, and you are better positioned with a high damage spec normal weapon.

              Carefully look at Enchantments, as the non-Exotics are relatively cheap to add unto any piece gear that will be sticking around a while. If you have a solid weapon that will be staying until late game, a RotS may make sense because of the added damage.


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                Originally posted by Outlaw View Post
                Do Rings/Necklace, that will give you a huge + in stats. And keep doing trials for better set gear
                Crit chance/dmg and what other 2 stats?


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                  Originally posted by dekileo View Post

                  Crit chance/dmg and what other 2 stats?
                  For your current CL, Power and Haste stats give the most damage. However, high level end game jewelries will have Crit rating and crit damage on every piece of equipment/jewelleries.

                  Get your full 6-piece Apprentice set as soon as possible, it doesn't matter even if it is not a legendary piece. Craft a blue or epic Apprentice piece for those set pieces which you do not currently have (helm, glove and hand) to complete the set.

                  Get your legendary EXP rings/necklaces (you don't need to socket gems at the moment) and your damage will increase a lot and you will be able to beat much higher level trials. With full EXP equips and 200% EXP boosters, you will level up very quickly.

                  Max your Blizzard and Immolate ASAP as at max level, their AoE are so much larger. Also max your Singularity and Blink after that. From your pic, it looks like you are only using 2 active spells, and if you have not unlocked your 3rd active spell slot, you should definitely do it.

                  Champion Points:
                  Go for Power and Haste (which will give you the highest damage increase for your level) and max out your EXP and movement speed.

                  Do check out the gameplay videos in the other section of this forum. They're very helpful. Once you hit higher trial levels, you would want to do mobbing for faster trial clearance and EXP farming.
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                    dekileo, I'd recommend you check with the leaderboard to see exactly what sort of gear high level mages are using. I'll tell you that Apprentice is very popular and getting a full set of 6 items will give you extra power. You can check any piece of Apprentice gear that you get your hands on to see what you get for 2, 4 or 6 pieces. 2 pieces, e.g. gives you a 25% chance for a shield. 6 pieces gives you Immolate which is like getting a free weapon. In fact, if you have Immolate for your Mage, you can probably pick something else and gain a weapon.

                    Some people use Arcanist but study what other successful players are using to get ahead.
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                      I'll follow this one too, recently got my mage to lvl 70

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                        dekileo have you done a anb (a new beginning) yet???
                        my eternium gaming changed after playing one of these...(that and staying in tune with the forums)
                        save up your gems bro and make a killer hero when anb comes (march they are saying)
                        and keep your eye on these posts, pmenty of good information contained in these posts and plenty of players happy to share their gaming knowledge..
                        gems brother! gems!
                        Hand held has pmenty of free gems....get all 5 heroes and yoy get 100gems per day. And i think pc users use android replicator (or something like that) so they can get the boxes of 5 free gems if they want to bump up their supplies


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                          My advice for short-term objectives, what you could do (and should do) in next few hours:

                          - First of all, get more golds. You will need golds, at least millions for crafting rings. Follows this guide, you will to get enough of golds in one-two hours:

                          - Next, get more gems and use gems for boosters. Stop to watch every ads you can if you play on mobile. One computers, use android emulator for getting ads.

                          Simple illustration: a lesser resource booster will cost you 30-60s watching ads, but save you 15min farming golds or 30min farming gemstones. Using the ads to take a break, drink a coffee or tea. Without boosters, you will need to farm for much longer time.

                          - So far, do not fuse gemstone to brilliant. Once you have enough golds, start to craft DPS rings/necklace. Use teardrops for fusing, save the brilliant for final socketing. See the guides for crafting rings here. There are many tricks to save gemstones with very little loss of stats, search the forum and play with the Excel table to check the expected results before fusing:

                          I would strongly advice to make the two primary stats of every rings/necklace you are crafting now as Experience and Critical damage for simple reasons: the stats do not require gemstones and they are useful for very long time. The rest can be Critical rating and Ability rate.

                          - Invest all your available resources to craft gears as soon as possible, before going to trial. You do not need to farm more resources for crafting, but should not leave any crafting resource idle. Use it to boost your stats, replace the weakest pieces first. Prefer to craft Set items (Apprentice) if you have recipes and Mark of Titans. If you have no resources, use the legendary extra-gold gears from the first step instead of the blue ones, at least they have three useful stats instead of two.

                          Simple illustration: each additional attribute in the gears can add averagely 80 points to your stats, equivalently (very rough) 20-25 Champion level (CL). Replacing the two blue piece by legendary ones, you can increase your stats like you have 80-100 CLs more, so you can farm 5-6 trial level higher, and get 30% more XP for the same duration of playing. Soon you will get better drops from bosses to replace your gears, but by the time, use the best you can have.

                          For longer-term objectives, see the advice from Sanctum .


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                            Anb? If you think about that guide,i was after it.Leveled up that way


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                              Originally posted by dekileo View Post
                              Anb? If you think about that guide,i was after it.Leveled up that way

                              AnB is an event, called "A new Beginning", where you can get the blue (celestials) items which you can see by the top players
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