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jewellry with 300 stats

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  • jewellry with 300 stats

    so i read few guides about jewelly, i missed it or i dont get it .. but how to achieve jewellry with 300 stats? Even when I fuse only the same stats up to legendary, its always about 120 stats ..
    Thanks for tips.

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    You need to use max level gemstones fusing jewelry.


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      max level gemstones? how do you use gemstones for fusion?
      Like when i have a socket in green, i input the gemstone and those points stays there when fused into blue and socket the blue, fuse into purple and socket purple and fuse into leg?
      Reminds me something i saw .. some other .. guide .. trying to understand it .. looks like only socketed into purple? One is enough? No need for all 3 of them? Each purple item can have different color of socket for maximum stats?
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        When you fusing 3 uncommon Power rings to make a rare ring, remember make them socketed with max level Ruby(choosing th gemstone with the same attribute). If you use 3 uncommon 90 Power pts rings with 3 max level Ruby for fusion, you will get a rare ring with 151-152 Power pts, which is perfect for rare jewelry. Same for other attribute.


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          Only way for 300-301 is to socket ALL pieces for that stat, and the 3 Epics, with Brilliant Gemstone for that stat.

          - 9x "90" Power Uncommons + 9 Brilliant Rubies => 3x Power Rares + 3 Brilliant Rubies => 1x Power Epic
          - Make the other 2 epics, one using 9 of another stat, one using 5/4 of another 2
          - Socket all 3 Epics with Brilliant Rubies => Legendary with 300 Power
          Eternium Files - links and details (Updated: 21 May 2019)

          Eternium Guides:


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            300 is basically perfect value for a legendary ring's primary stat. So, as Nhat said above, you will need 9 "perfect" green rings (actually, close-to-perfect, as most of those "90" rings are really between 89.5-89.9), and 15 perfect gemstones, just for the primary stat.

            This guide will give you all the relevant information on how to maximize the results of your jewelty crafting. You may notice Nhat is also the author.
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              Just have to follow the guide. You'll goof it up once, then it will *click*. Guarantee it.


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                Our community member, FendyBt2 has multiple how-to videos up on his YouTube channel, you may be interested in a few of them, like these: