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What to do with my four hours?

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  • What to do with my four hours?

    So I completed TL100 at CL719 with just a little over 4 hours left on the play clock. I'm debating if I should just farm Morgenheim the remainder of if I should fuse up my unused ephermal rare jewelry into a beastly mode of XP rings like the leaderboards and farm XP/Gear on the trials. I've already spent the time running the remaining story mode to unlock it and farm some gold and gems and books of learning so I wouldn't have to wait update my abilities

    In my main account, I need jewelry for a few of my toons, so I'm leaning towards Morganheim. Hard not to push on, but I'm not really feeling a great need to dump a bunch of Xp into my main account to add a 100 CLs or so.

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    If I were in your shoes, I will farm for the 3 hours and by that time, you will have enough I guess to create the jewelries?
    Then using the new jewelries will try to push more TL? But yeah. That's me.
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      Xp xp xp .