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how to proper cast Shield block?

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  • how to proper cast Shield block?

    excuse me.. i need clarification on proper used of Shield block

    1. If i cast whirlwind ist...wat is the proper skill after that?..SB follow by DT or DT folllow by SB?..

    2. If DT ist..wat is after that? SB? Whirlwind?

    3. If by using the cleaver or whirwind axe..does it hv any effect on bosses or just the mob or monsters. in other word whirlwind skill via the cleaver or whirlwind axe is just for the mobs or monsters not for bosses especially in higher trials?..

    Thank you all
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    I would have thought WW then SB then DT (otherwise you don't get the damage boost on the DT, or the WW for that matter), but have you tried DT SB WW (then DT again?)
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      Originally posted by shengabus View Post
      I would have thought WW then SB then DT (otherwise you don't get the damage boost on the DT, or the WW for that matter), but have you tried DT SB WW (then DT again?)
      Thank you Shengabus...teaching me how to used Shield block properly..

      WW follow by SB and DT..err...can I used DT SB then follow by WW also?...meaning either one can give the damage boost on DT no matter if cast Whirlwind ist or last (after DT SB)?


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        I might well be wrong (in fact I wrote something dumb above), you're at a higher level than I am. I'm referring to the shield block (50% block to power) bonus.

        So WW SB (boosts WW) DT (should also be boosted).

        My suggestion should have read:

        SB DT WW DT ... Let me check if the second DT is in time for the boost. At least with my (terrible) eq I've found having enough SB charges to be an issue. Hitting SB first gives it the most time to refresh.
        ​​​​​At higher trials the sub 30% health gives recharges, at the risk of death.

        Check: suggestion doesn't work.

        Against the boss, I think it's clear to go
        SB DT DT (possibly a third DT within the cool down, depending on alacrity and AR).
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          err..when we cast we need to wait a moment for it to function properly ( I can see shield flying around here and there) bf cast other ability or DT again?..some time I can't seem to see any shield flying after casting DT(sorry bad English grammar)

          Thank you


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            I think you can cast something else immediately (given the universal cool down).

            In practice, the DT cool down is so fast compared to WW or SB that in the mob phase I just cast it when it's ready. You're right that is unclear if it's better to WW first or SB first.
            My comment about SB DT DT versus the boss is different. WW is not as good (as far as I can see) against just one mob (the boss), and so should be ignored. So really, you're just throwing as many DT as you can, and using SB to boost or when it's ready. If possible I think it's worth saving up a few SB charges at the end of the mob phase for the boss.