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TL 118 - BH Havoc vs Elban

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  • TL 118 - BH Havoc vs Elban

    Hey! I got back to the game after the patch and made progress with my Havoc build. I have the basic setup everyone uses with the twin guns and rapid fire, mag. trap and the missiles. . .

    The mobs themselves are easy and I reach Elban with about 3 minutes left.
    The problem is that I either hurt him too slowly or it is very easy for me to die if I get the assassinate bleed more than once.

    Below are my stats after switching to a 200+ vitality ring - but the difference in gameplay is minimal.
    Surprisingly, the original stats were not too different from my glass cannon Arcanist ten TLs ahead - who doesn't die to Elban.
    Before I continue experimenting with rings and enchantments, I would like to know what's missing here : Damage output, life on hit, vitality. . . regeneration?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20190617-231936_Eternium.jpg Views:	0 Size:	116.7 KB ID:	138965

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    Does your havoc set have a new hood and gloves from the new patch. The hood comes with a tracer stat that stacks 2 times and the new patch gloves come with your missiles explosion radius is increased by 50%.. I know you said it was your old havoc build but adding these two pieces will help and to me your ability rate is low...if you get that up your cooldown times will be less and you can cast more abilities faster...everything else looks good to me...maybe others can point out anything else that will help you...Good Luck to you and Happy Grinding!


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      Thank you, I didn't know about the updated gear!


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        I could be wrong, but I don;t think there is a reason to get more than 1 stack of the debuff anymore. Last I checked 1 stack gives the same damage bonus as 2 or 3. Correct me if I am wrong because I have not clicked the debuff to check in a couple weeks.

        Also, unless you are Assault set (I use Stalker), you pretty much have to have Smoke Screen if you want to do any serious damage to bosses. What I find for my stalker build is that if I don't clear all the trash within 5 minutes, there is a really good chance I will not kill the boss in time unless its Kara. I've cleared 136 with Stalker for my experience level.

        I posted this video a couple weeks ago, it shows how you can pull very large with Mag trap if that is what you are using. Computer only, not sure any mobile device could handle that many mobs. GL mate.

        WORU DIXA XAVE 1003 - 2106 CL
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          Your welcome CarnivorousDeathParrot.2 and I also forgot to mention maybe you could increase your movement speed to help you get away from elbans assassinate since 1 stack seems to get you...I think it would help you in the fight! And one last thing congrats on your high trials with the havoc build after the new patch havoc isn't the most popular build but keep it going....I am working on a havoc build myself but I need to farm some better gear and make some decent jewelry ....anyway go get em'!
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            As for the explosives debuff, I think the indicator only shows a much higher dmg bonus. It did make a big difference for me to have the multiple-stack twin guns.


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              . . .just played some lower trials until I got the gloves.
              Life on Hit, Power, Critical Dmg and Vitality reforged into AR.

              . . .went back to TL118 making a point to pull big whenever possible. Did not beat it by a few seconds. Getting closer. . .


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                Finally beat Elban but with Snipe instead of the M.Traps.
                Apparently, the mommentary stun gives me time to recover HP.
                Then beat TL119 after a few tries but using M.Traps again to pull as big as possible and save time.
                So it may just be that way. . .

                As for the tracer stat, it can stack up to 10 times; 7% more base dmg each. . .


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                  Congrats keep it going my havoc build is on tl 104...I still need to make some jewelry and find some better set pieces...You do give me hope!


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                    Only brave men attempt a Havoc.


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                      Just so you know, last night I beat TL120 (Kara) on the first try.
                      Three seconds left only.
                      Then on the rankings there was another Havoc who also beat it with a much lower CL and on-paper stats (but probably much more AR).
                      So it's definitely doable.