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How good is the Ironbound Cape?

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  • How good is the Ironbound Cape?

    The cape has 360 armor, 135 power, 135 vitality, 112 haste, and has one socket. All the capes that I can craft can only have up to 90 power and well under 100 for other stats. So how good is this cape? Should I look to craft a new one?

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    Max value for those stats on normal items is 90 - Living Items are special.

    That said, legendary can have 4, and the bonus from Integralas Mantle (+Ability Rate), makes it the #1 choice for most players, out of the current 3 unique capes - Carnaval's +Critial Rate have limitted procs, and Ironbound's Meteors are pretty weak, and useless against moving targets.

    So, you can keep using the Ironbound one until you get/craft one of the others...
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      On a side note: I‘m glad I‘ve stored my Ironback Mantle.
      When you‘re maxing haste for some tests, nothing can beat its 112.

      For trials, I used it until my first Integralas Mantle dropped.
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