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Performance and stability issues in windowed mode

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  • Performance and stability issues in windowed mode

    I posted here before moving to bug report section because I want to know if the problem is common or not.

    Today I tried to install the game on my PC in office (as my colleagues are on vacation ). It is a high-end PC for graphical design, with everything that we would need: latest CPU, large RAM, fast GPU card, SSD disk, and a very big monitor, so big that I can comfortably have four application windows opened at the same time (mail, browser, work app and the game).

    However, the game performance is really disappointed in windowed mode. Despite the fact that the FPS always shown as 30+ (usually 50-60) the movement was not smoothly, graphic transition was visibly broken. The bigger problem is that the game terminated randomly, without any reasons, even in home city. For example, it was broken down when I inserted a gemstone into gear socket. Performance monitor showed that CPU/RAM usages were bellow 25%, so the PC was not loaded.

    Has anyone tried to play in windowed mode (i.e. not full screen but in a window) and experienced similar problems? Any answers (positive or negative) are appreciated.

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    Thank you for writing this very lucid trouble report! (I only do iPads, so have no suggestions.)