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    I am playing as a mage, and have reached level 70, but since then, I have finished the story, passed 22 trials, am playing at the heroic level, but have not leveled up. Is there is a limit to how high a mage can go? If not, what can I do to advance my mage level?

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    Normal level is capped at 70, after that you start earning Champion Level XP - your XP bar should have changed to a dark yellow colour, and you should have noticed the blinking "Champion Level" under the char name in the Gear screen.

    Press on that to allocate addition stat points to boost your char. ALL chars on your account also have access to the Champion Level, and get their own set of Champion points to use, regardless of level.
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      Once you get to level 70 you don't go higher, you start accumulating CL points. Advancing in game requires you to increase your CL points and gain experience. You do both of those after level 70 by completing trials. Most long time players run story levels for daily bonuses or to mine gold and gemstones, but the trials are where you gain more exp, cl points and better gear drops.
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        Also, the same works for ANB, however when your character goes away, that accumulated CL comes back to your other characters (at a lower amount).