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Farming Gold and Gemstones with Regalia Mage

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    Originally posted by Shade Glow View Post

    Someone asked me the same question recently. Check out this post for my answer.
    I still have my flowers too! That was a long time ago!


      I've tried Shade Glow route, with only 786% gold on my BH + 200% gold boster I could earn roughly 4,2 Mil gold, while I tried to open all chest gave me 3,5 mill gold. So the best style gold grinding was shade's route for me.
      Mobile only player (exclusively Android)
      Main Mage Regalia - Pikasyt (pre patch TL 137)
      XP Arcanist Mage - Pikasyt (TL 85-90)
      Gold runner BH - Pickachu (TL 100)
      CUZE XUZE YIWO 5914


        I've found that blink does a great job of picking up the straggler mobs while using shatter whenever possible to cover as much of the screen and other mobs as possible. You'll need to tune down CL Power as you showed and that was a great help to not completely ZAP groups of mobs while skating through the level.

        The extra 2 seconds of Northern Wind from the Regalia chest piece is crucial for this so you can zip to a different part of the map, bypass the mobs in front of your face to put the next group on the screen and then shatter. Works great!