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    Unlocking item levels

    Does anyone know if you unlock an item up to 10 levels higher than your hero, does this only apply to that hero, or can any other heroes at the same level now use it too?

    E.g. using a hero slot for a speed running BH gem farmer, if I unlock a level 70 item to use at level 60, can it then be used for another level 60 BH without the gem cost?

    For anyone new to this topic, unlocking item level restrictions to equip with gems is specific to the item, so it can be used by any hero according to usual class restrictions at the unlocked level. Costs and mechanics detailed here.

    Items can be unlocked by a maximum of 10 levels below their current level restriction, however this can be done multiple times (by different heroes of lower levels), making it theoretically possible to have a level 2 hero equipped with max level gear and jewelry.

    This can also be achieved in theory with the Master Crafter perk when crafting using a level 1 hero. Good luck with that though.

    The benefits for this with farming are discussed below.
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    Originally posted by Keaven View Post
    Does anyone know if you unlock an item up to 10 levels higher than your hero, does this only apply to that hero, or can any other heroes at the same level now use it too?

    E.g. using a hero slot for a speed running BH gem farmer, if I unlock a level 70 item to use at level 60, can it then be used for another level 60 BH without the gem cost?
    Ive never done it but something like that has to be character specific.
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      That's what I would guess, too. Curious what the answer is.

      I'm too cheap to pay gems for a gear/weapon unlock. Is there a reason you're feeling too impatient to just level up first, Keaven?

      BTW, are you sure you can unlock something 10 levels above you? I know there's a limit, but don't remember what it is.


        What I have observed so far:
        1. for any item, the minimum initial required level is (of course) 1, the maximum initial required level is 70
        2. if it is possible within these bounds, the initial required level of an item is:
          • for a legendary jewell, 2 below its level; for an epic it is 3 below, for a rare 4 below, for an uncommon 5 below
          • for a legendary other item, its level; for an epic it is 1 below, for a rare 2 below, for an uncommon 3 below
        3. “unlocking” means “lowering the required level” of the item
        4. every toon is able to equip an item when reaching the current required level of that item
        5. a toon may only “unlock” an item if his level is 10 or less below the current required level of that item
        6. gem cost for “unlocking” is only function of the gap between current required level and toon level

        Cost table:
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
        5 8 13 20 29 40 53 68 85 104
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          The unlocking is supposed to be on the item itself, so yes, if you unlock a L70 cape to be used by a L60 Hero, it should become usable by ANY L60 Hero. For other gear items, class restrictions still apply.


            Tin Man who would have thought you'd be able to put L70 gear on a lower than L10 hero.
            Thank you for pursuing this line of questioning, and sharing your results. It's inquisitive players like you who keep this game interesting for inquisitive players like me.
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              Hats off to you, Tin! This experiment completely disproves OBLITERATES my previous belief that the unlocking is an intrinsic property of the item. Nicely done!


                Originally posted by Tin Man

                I then decided to stop this rabbit hole adventure before trying to fully equip a level 1 character with level 70 set gear. Would be an interesting experiment but also rather costly I would think. Is this a bug or something we are supposed to be allowed to do? Hmm..

                Exactly. Gz... I'm going to forget this before learning it.
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                  Awesome responses. Thanks all, particularly LodWig and Tin Man.

                  I'll likely have more to add to this in a guide at some point as I'm enjoying speed running for gems so this will help over time by reducing the levels of some XP gear (perhaps jewelry) as I go to improve efficiency by getting to lvl 70 quicker.

                  Using Lodwigs table it seems like it will be benificial to unlock some XP jewelry at least during each successive speed run to make each run take less time. Probably not worth unlocking the full lvl 70 gear set, but I'll consider it perhaps for speculative purposes since it will only cost a small portion of gems earnt from each disposable BH.

                  I'll do the jewelry and cape by 10 levels for time and the gear I''ll drop by the most gem cost efficient.
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                    Here a link about speed running with a BH maybe you can glen some useful info from it...
           Happy Grinding!


                      This is why Tin Man

                      I have 3 hero slots for one of each character class, and the other 2 slots I use for BH speed running for gem income.

                      It also kills a few birds with one stone and is a decent source of CP XP, gold, gemstones, and crafting materials (mark of titans most importantly).

                      One is upgrading key abilities while I'm playing the 1st speed runner.

                      Only played one ANB so far so did BH and using that now to speed run after deleting the previous.
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                        Tin Man, if only you had posted this 7 or 8 months ago when I only had 1 hero and didn't know there was a very gem/cost effective way to proceed. Instead I get educated after I've probably spent 100s if not 1000s of gems growing several non-ANB heros. Oh well. Live and learn.
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                          Originally posted by Tin Man

                          Personally I just feel it is a waste of gems to run a regular character up to level 70.

                          It only takes 90-120 minutes of game time to get a character up to level 70. Paying to unlock XP equipment to expedite the process is just a huge waste for gear that you will only use for no more than 2 hours. Getting to level 70 really is not that big of a deal. The only time I spend gems to get to level 70 is buying 3 200% Exp boosters to run ANB and get the character up to 70 in 30-45 minutes to make a run for the leaderboard.

                          Yes, I could spend 12,000 gems to fully equip a level 1 character with level 70 Exp gear or even end game gear but why would I?

                          Even buying experience boosters less than TL 100 is questionable as an investment unless you are pushing for a event rewards.
                          Seems like you should read the links I've posted on speed running for gems.

                          Speed running is an income, not an expense.

                          The characters are used for gem farming then deleted. Rinse, repeat. Each speed runner BH nets 1,590 gems from story mode stars plus as mentioned before, CP XP, gold, gemstones, and crafting materials (as well as ad boxes during).

                          No gems are spent on the speed running characters, and the only reason I'll be using gems for these items is the same reason people spend 1000 gems to unlock the 5th hero slot just for daily quest of 20 gems per day (a 50 day minimum investment). The time saved in the long run will make it worthwhile.

                          The items being unlocked will have many hours of use only limited by how many gems I want to farm, or if the game holds my interest long enough for the time saved to pay for itself.

                          So I alternate between speed running, and gear farming in trials. Every resource needed for trial progression is adequately covered by those two tasks in a reasonable time frame and keep my interest while playing.

                          I'm finding it an enjoyable alternative to the sleep enducing methods of grinding the above resources, and can socket, reforge, and spend plenty of gems i would otherwise be conserving, further increasing my enjoyment of the game.
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                            Using characters to farm gems from story mode, like all grinding, comes down to time. Time vs reward ie efficiency. It's why movement speed is such an important stat in general.

                            I am talking about using end game gear quicker, therefore earning gems (and every other secondary resource along the way) quicker each run.

                            The most sluggish and least enjoyable part of a speed run is getting a new BH to level 70 where it can use the gear you have waiting, then stages go as quickly as possible.

                            No problem right after a ANB when you can just delete a completed BH and replace with one already lvl 70 if you want to do ANBs with BH (which I did with the only ANB since I started playing).

                            Decreasing the time to equip the final gear has the greatest impact on how many resources you can farm on average per hour of the whole run.

                            The faster a new BH can equip the end game gear the faster gems can be earned, and key abilities used and upgraded (as mentioned previously I upgrade abilities in one BH while doing run with another).

                            So, like spending 1000 gems to unlock a fifth hero slot for 20 gems per day (a 50 day return on investment), dropping item level requirements has a ROI by decreasing the total time to complete a speed run, therefore increasing average resources (not just gems) earned per hour.

                            Considering each speed run earns 1,590 gems, spending 576 of those to drop jewelry and cape equiping restrictions by 10 levels, and gear by 4 levels each run is no big deal. And these costs are finite.

                            Whilst I'll probably drop their costs all the way for the hell of it, there is likely an optimal point in which there's little/no ROI past a certain level restriction.

                            I may not even need/want to farm gems for long enough for that investment to pay for itself in time saved, but it will make it more enjoyable in the process which matters more, and I'll still be making over 1000 gems for each run.

                            Most stages are either run through in stealth when chests can be hit along the way without drawing agro, or stealth is used before boss to cancel mob agro, DPS the boss (mob) with 5 second attack boost, open boss chest, and use town portal.

                            With the setup I use all stages prior to Act II Legendary can be completed before stealth cooldown.

                            Some stages are worth spending a bit more time in for farming other resources while you're there, such as Act IV stages rich in gold and gemstones, or some legendary stages that yield decent CP XP for little additional time.

                            Also, the faster a new speed runner gets to 70 the more CP experience is gained during the run as a secondary benifit.

                            Since the speed runner BH only needs to complete all stages as fast as possible he doesn't need as much DPS as a normal character needs to progress the ladder in trials.

                            All the gear (and abilities) I use is focused on 3 things in this order; movement speed; XP; Gold; and least of all DPS (for final boss or mob).

                            I only prioritise XP over gold because there is a limit to how much gold i will need/use. Therefore I use XP rings and jewelry, even though you don't need to kill much, and can open plenty of chests and earn some decent coin in many stages.

                            Maximum speed, XP/Gold income, and plenty of DPS is easily achieved and I crafted everything needed, and even added unessicarry enchantments to speed things up a little.

                            I use 4 good pieces of Assault gear for movement speed bonus, and scatter shot synergy is great for this purpose. Havoc gloves and cap synergise well with bombardment enchanted Tesla Armaments, but 2 pieces of adventure set should do fine as well I've not needed to compare.

                            Since I run stealth and Pathfinder, no benefit from 6 pieces of Assault or 2 of Stalker, although those could be an option if anyone prefers. I see no need to sacrifice the speed stealth and Pathfinder give to a run.

                            I use multishot and charged ammo as secondary abilities to upgrade only for any stages that aren't stealth run.

                            Time can also be saved by skipping some stages, such as gladdiator ones and some legendary stages that don't yield enough secondary resources, but so far I'm enjoying doing every stage anyway.

                            I do gladiator stages when ad boxes are dropping, use XP boosts during certain legendary stages, and income boosters when doing suitable chest filled Act IV stages on normal.

                            I've only completed Legendary 3 times so far, but I'm still actually enjoying the varied gameplay without the chore of grinding resources, like so many other games I no longer play.

                            So far the only (task that feels like) grinding I do is in trials to replace existing set gear, or salvage for enough mark of titans to craft better gear for my 3 main heroes. This is bearable when alternated with speed running.

                            I was doing some gold/gemstone grinding for a bit before doing it during speed runs.

                            The most expensive thing (in gold/materials/time) worth doing ASAP is crafting mastery.

                            Since reaching level 50 crafting mastery I'm earning fast enough for my play style by incorporating gold and gemstone farming into speed runs entirely.

                            I swap XP jewelry for gold jewelry if using an income booster during the richest Act IV normal stages.
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                              LodWig and Tin Man thanks for the research, great work! I was just on that same path and had crafted L38-L50 uncommon items to test the unlock prices with. Don't know why I want to create a set of L70 jewellery that a L1 character can use so much as I'll probably never complete that job, but it sounds like fun, and so cool that it's possible. Hope it isn't a bug.

                              Keaven thanks for starting this thread, and for the extra optimisations you've described that update the V1.2 guide, like using stealth and tesla armaments which I guess weren't available when it was written.