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Story Maps (All Acts)

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    Story Maps (All Acts)

    Wondering if anyone knows where i can find map( if there are any) for each Story for every act. I found one site, but it doesnt have Act IV( specifically the Underworld-final Story Act IV). Thanks in advance.

    (This doesn’t help you): no, in the couple of months I’ve been around, I’ve never heard of or seen any complete map postings. The nearest I’m aware of is some of the vid walkthroughs that other players have posted.

    (This might help you): I come from games where full dungeon maps are sometimes extremely useful, so I think I understand why you’re asking. However, I have to say that this is not one of those games. The third or fifth (or hundredth - welcome to Eternium!) time you run a map, you’ll know everything you need to know about it.

    It’s in that spirit that I say your future self, with fifty more hours of playtime under your belt, will likely wonder why you asked the question. Go forth and run the levels and you’ll have surgical awareness of what’s where in the story maps with just a little more playtime.

    This is all IMO as a rookie, naturally. The old guard may have more valuable input for you.
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      Try this from Shade.


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        Yeah, that’s the prime example of the vids I meant. Worth watching.