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No. 1 cause of death - advise required or a fix of the controls?!

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    No. 1 cause of death - advise required or a fix of the controls?!

    In my case the about 90% of my death are comming from "resume auto-attack after moving: ON"

    What this option does and what I want it to do, which is not mentioned, it simply auto attacks.

    What it also does, is what it kind of says, but not precisely is resuming auto-attacking the same target you clicked on seconds ago. the problme with that is, I run and dodge around in triels by tiping with my finger all over the place on the floor. as soon as I stop my hero suddenly starts running trough thousends of enemys to attack one specific enemy I clicked on a minute ago suiciding him self. this happens all the time.

    when not using this option my hero is not attacking at all without me clicking on an enemy. this also involves also a brutal deth by missing the tiny enemy on the small mobile screen with my finger. my hero does the same as before, suiciding him self without any reason.

    Why isn´t there an option to just auto attack, but not a specific enemy that you onece clicked on but is now in the very backrow so you hero starts running through hords of enemys just to get to that one target.

    how do you guys handls this? I there a possibility to get a fix for this soon. Or maybe I´m just doing it wrong. I´m thankfull for any advise.

    On mobile device, put your main attack on the 2 finger attack and use that when you target a mob


      we need a "resume auto attack to nearest enemy = ON" option
      Guide :


        This is one of the major disadvantages of mobile players, in pc you can click your mouse to walk away from the mobs while also clicking your attacks, potions and companions which cannot be done in mobile if your fingers are not fast enough. kurtcabage that is better than the current option.


          JIMHO, there is something bugged since .32 with the toon running to die even with resume auto turned off. Also seems bugged in you can target a close mob member, burn them down with arc lightning and your toon will take off through the mob behind that was lit up with the arc and the fifty mob members behind them to go running back to some lowly skeleton that is somehow still alive by the beginning of the map.

          Resume auto attack on or off makes no difference, toon randomly wants to run somewhere.


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            Yeah, they have a mind of their own sometimes, I try to anticipate these random run offs and always be ready to click to move somewhere else.

          NoSuchReality thats correct, even if its turned off, toon takes of running through all enemys to attack a random skelleton in tha back. It´s clearly bugged. tested it yesterday a lot, ON/OFF it doesn´t make any difference, toon will suicide eather way.. this really needs a fix. I do play on mobile and on my notebook also with touchscreen.


            There is a way to prevent your toon from getting suicidal: as suggested, put your most used attack as secondary. If you want to move then remain on the new spot, use left click (tap) to move, then immediately right click (two-finger tap) to attack. E.g. for mages a common sequence is beam - nova - tap to move to the side - two-finger tap to attack. You can call it 'the ninja side step'

            It works every time, but takes some getting used to.

            Btw there is a difference between autoattacking and moving and autoattacking and casting a spell. I think the setting works as expected, but only for the autoattack and move scenario, not the other one.
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