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What else could I use Glory on?

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    What else could I use Glory on?


    having reached TL 120 in ANB, I realised that Glory is piling up, and I have no idea what more to do with it; any ideas?

    I mostly create ELR Mages (and one BH just for Gold farming DC with Smokescreen).

    So far I have unlocked (at least I think they all needed unlocking)

    -Fire Lily
    -Talisman of Power
    -Vial of the Wind Spirit

    -Frostfire Sash
    -Sash of the Igniter

    -Bracer of Mastery

    -Slayer Enchant

    What have I overlooked that could help my toons' performance?

    Talisman of storm is good to have since lot of diff build takeit but itsonly 10. Haha


      Originally posted by Turgeon View Post
      Talisman of storm is good to have since lot of diff build takeit but itsonly 10. Haha
      I've thought about that one - but read in a forum post (I think by Nhat or by bojck ) that the.ToP is more powerful - though I've no idea what a diff build is, so don't know whether this would be the case here.


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        Yes top is better for a lily build but if you try your elrg mage with crit build you will need tOS

      If you are using Fire Lily, you want ToP (since, of course, Fire Lily means you can't crit). So, crit build = ToS, and Lily build = ToP.


        Unlock ToS
        just in case if you want to switch your build to crit build

        top mage current using critical build
        Guide :


          Unlock everything. You never know when an upgrade might change things and previously unused gear will become the hot new items. There is nothing else to use Glory on at this time anyway, and even after you have unlocked it all you will still build up Glory for hopefully some useful purpose in the future.
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            7string I tend to disagree. Unlock what you immediately need but sit on any further Glory. Once you spend all your Glory, they will of course release the latest must-have item. That latest must-have item will, of course, cost the Glory you just spent. Better to not spend and have Glory available whenever you do decide you need something else rather than having spent it all and want to buy something urgently.

            Yes, Glory is essentially useless after not too long. I am still stingy with it even though I know I could have everything unlocked right now.

            Completely agree with spending what is necessary to allow your hero to attain your goals and be competitive.
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              Thanks to all for their input.
              I HAVE unlocked the ToS (for 20 Glory) for my gold farming BH, which is, after all, a crit build, but will save the rest; Tin Man caused me to remember something Rob Spooner / Whispy said in one of his videos, that Arcanist was the strongest Mage, "before belts and bracers were introduced".
              So, I feel that to be prepared for whatever is currently cooking in the Devs' cauldron can't be wrong.


                I'd say that it is time to try out a new hero class. You can unlock the Fury set for a Warrior or a Demolitionist set for a BH. Otherwise, you are probably smart to just bank the extra Glory until the next big change comes along.


                  Thanks for the tips.
                  Warrior is "out" - it was actually my first choice, before my first ANB, but somehow I never warmed to it, and so, to make room for my current ANB Mage, I retired it.
                  Demolitionist sounds fascinating - if only the unlock wouldn't swallow more than half my Glory.
                  I suppose that Glory will first have to pile up a bit more.